Our Month in Photos - October

I can't believe that October is over with!
Where has it gone? It doesn't feel like a month has already passed but it has, and well, the weather is proving it to us. The winds up and very chilly, there's days when it's pouring with rain and some warm and sunny.
But whatever the weather, this month's been fun for many reasons!

We've swapped rooms, done our first collaboration post, had an amazing trip to Blackpool, baked cakes, caught up with Friends, lost a few more lbs, had a sleepover at my mums, been out for a few meals as a family, Freddie's asked to do a #2 for the first time this month, Noah's improving on his rolling over and is now trying to sit up, we got Freddie's papers to start filling in for school, Chris had some time off work (11 days), we celebrated our 4th Wedding Anniversary, fell ill with a cold and had a family walk through the woods :)
It's been a lovely month and I'm looking forward to seeing what's going to happen in November!

Here's my favourite snaps from October*

Photo 1: This is when Chris was on holiday. We went shopping with my parents and had a meal out as well. It was really lovely, especially as Chris doesn't get to join us on our trips out as he's always working evenings - this was us getting ready to leave! (I always giggle at Noah's face!)

Photo 2: Our 4th Wedding Anniversary was this month. It was quite a milestone in our relationship. It was a perfect day spent at home with our boys - we watched Power Rangers and cuddled up on the sofa as it was a miserable day. We also had Chinese and I a bottle of Lambrini too, whilst watching Orange is the New Black! (once the boys had gone to bed)
 I got roses as my present this year and I fell a little bit in love with them!

Photo 3: This little guy was being really cuddly and clingy - which is incredibly odd for my Freds! He's usually so independent, but not this day. He just wanted me and it was a rather lovely to have him snuggle up close! :)

Photo 4: Wet, cold, miserable, tired.. what do you do? Film day! We all piled on the sofa and watched Transformers. Freddie loves the Auto-bots and Noah just loved cuddling *haha* That cute little face though!

Photo 5: This little guy has been rather obsessed with "pretending to be Mummy" this month, and as we were out and about on a wet day, I had my wellies on. Left by the back door, there was only one thing this guy wanted to do.. walk around the kitchen in them!
As you can tell they're really tall on him. He had real troubles walking in them and kept stumbling. It was incredibly amusing!! (I think I laughed the most!)

Photo 6: Now we've swapped rooms there's more room to play in the boys bedroom. Whenever I put a pile of washing away, they like to clamber in there and play. It's so cute - and very funny! What a cool rocker!

Photo 7: From our walk in the woods. This is possibly one of my favourite photo's from that trip. It's so natural. I love it, and we all had a fab time!

* snaps taken from my Instagram.