*Newsflash!* Update: Toilet Drama

A completely out of the blue post, but I'm a super proud Mummy and I need to shout it from the rooftops!
These last few weeks I have done a couple of posts on how proud I am of Freddie regarding his toilet training. I'm back again to shout out that he TOLD ME HE WANTED TO GO FOR A POO (and wee!)!
Woo! If you are a regular reader, you'll know this is a massive milestone for my little guy! At first when he told me I instantly thought "Here we go again.." because he's said many times in the past that he's needed to go and whilst I've praised him for letting me know - he just doesn't go! So today, I thought it would be one of them times, but it really wasn't.
He ran up the stairs and jumped onto his Thomas seat and the next thing he had done both a poo and wee! I couldn't believe it and did what all us parents do, have a good look to check its real!
Unbelievably proud.
Told him he could have 2 stickers (he was over excited!) and gave him loads and loads of praise!
It was so lovely because we just had one of them 'bubble' moments; a moment where we both were so happy at his achievement. I gave him a kinder egg (saved in the cupboard for moments like this!) and he was over the moon.
I had to take a snap of this precious moment. I will never forget it.