Freddie @ 3 years, 6 months, 2 weeks and 5 days

My Cheeky little sir! You are definitely the apple of my eye :) We flip from Best Friends to Frenemies - I know this is due to us being so similar. We're both headstrong. You're my little mate and some days I don't know what I'd do without your cheeky grin. You know your own mind and I love that in you. I love that you have an opinion and not afraid to speak it. You also have the sweetest side. The side where you're my baby.

You're such a hyperactive little guy. You have such spirit that we can only be envious of. I love that you are so enthusiastic about everything and that you take things in your stride. You make me laugh all the time with the little things you say and the way you shout at me when you're in a grump and want something. I love that at random times you come and cuddle my leg and say the cutest things.
You're still really into Thomas the Tank Engine - I can't really imagine a time you won't be. You are loving anything ninja related (yes really! I don't know where my innocent baby has gone!?) and I can't tell you how many times you've watched the Lego Movie. Batman has recently made an appearance too, as well as Power Rangers! You're doing so well at Nursery and have so many friends. You talk for England and your speech is fabulous for your age. You're such a copycat too, and it's so sweet how you copy the big words like Mummy and Daddy. You have a side to you that's so shy. A side where you show that you want me, need me to guide you. But you're mainly so independent. You're going to the toilet by yourself now, and since you have, you're like a different person. You're confident with your progress and you'll happily ask to go now. We obviously still have the odd accident, but you've come so far and I'm unbelievably proud of you.
You still have the most beautiful blue eyes I've ever seen. They're so bright and alive. So much like you. You're still such a fussy eater, but are getting so you're willing to try other things again *yay*. You make me laugh so many times in a day. I really do adore you, you're my little pal and I hope we're always as close as we are now!

You're ridiculously excited for Christmas and have already told me a million things you want from Santa. I really should note down some of the silly things that you come out with, because every single one of them are priceless. You say you want to be a ninja when you grow up, or a train (Good Luck!). Darry still goes everywhere with you, he really is the family pet! Your favourite colour is brown, or some days it's pink. You can count to 27. You absolutely adore Noah and are so caring towards him. My favourite thing you do with him at the moment is try and calm him down when he starts getting cross because he's getting hungry - you sing to him and tell him not to worry (it seriously makes my heart melt!). You're unbelievably ticklish and Daddy takes full advantage of this. Recently you've started creating scenarios of going on adventures, your ideas are fantastic, I wish you had more than just me or Daddy to play these out with you. You are still in size 7 shoes; as you have been for the last year+! I can't believe that you'll be off to school in a matter of months, I think you'll love it! You love to help me with the house chores. You never really, ever tell me what you get up to at Nursery apart from "lots of things, Mummy!". You're still really blonde, but I think you'll start to get darker in the coming years - a few darker hairs are starting to appear. You have dimples both sides of your cheeks and they're so precious, I love them. You recently told me that Noah is yours and Darrys' best friend. When you get into a grump you tell me you don't like me anymore and I'm no longer one of your best friends, you stomp off and come back through a minute later asking for something as if it never happened! You are such a Drama Queen. You love Diet Coke. I love your random excuses of why you can't go to bed "I can't go because.. I really need a drink, before I die of dry mouth" (whilst grabbing your throat making gagging noises) "I can't go, because Batman doesn't go to bed yet!" "I can't go yet Mummy, because my toys need me to say goodnight to them" "I've just got up to check in case you needed me to do something" - honestly! I couldn't make them up if I tried. They're so funny that I almost can't wait for the following night to hear your next excuse (not that I act like it!).

I love you more than words can say. It's unreal to think that you're 4 in a matter of months, it really has flashed by. But, saying that I love that we can now have proper conversations. You're my big baby and you forever will be. I can't wait to see you flourish some more in the years ahead, but do carry on being this perfect little being you are. We all adore you, never forget that.

Forever my buddy. Stay cheeky!