Celebrating Another Year

Yup, he's a doofus!

Another year has passed, meaning yet another Anniversary has.
I love Anniversaries as it's a day you spend thinking about your special person. Thinking about all that they do for you, and your relationship as a whole. I always feel very loved up.

We always try and make an effort for Anniversaries. They're only one day a year (that we can truly share alone together) so, we love trying to make it memorable in it's own special way.

Chris woke up Wednesday morning and took Freddie to Nursery whilst I stayed and cuddled my little Noah, only to say "I've got to pop off for a little while, I'll be back in time to collect Fred" meaning "I've forgotten to get you a present, but I'm popping off to get you one quick before you start wondering where it is!" 
I kinda laughed really because his present also hadn't come through the mail. The lovely postman (I don't actually know if he's lovely, I've never spoken to him!) arrived with my parcel and with that, I had a couple of hours to make it look a little more fancy! Yup, last minute saloon! 

But I found some ribbon and a bow out of my Christmas wrapping section and whipped something up in a matter of moments.
Chris came home and handed me a bunch of really pretty roses! I love flowers and since the Traditional 4th Wedding Anniversary present is fruit and flowers - it suited very well.

I love flowers and I really never get that many! *hint hint if you're reading Chris*
I love fiddling with them and cutting the stalks one by one and arranging them into a vase. They're really beautiful, and I couldn't help but take a million photo's (sorry for the flower spam!)

I really struggled as what to get Chris for a present, I wanted something sentimental rather than a Book, Teddy, or T-shirt (some suggestions from friends and family!) and whilst there's nothing wrong with any of them suggestions, they're more Birthday/Christmas presents.. Just felt like an Anniversary - it's meant to be more than that!
So I trawled the Internet and found Getting Personal and found this rather sweet key ring. It's cheesy, cute and it's very sentimental - Perfect! Oh and he really liked it! 
It's engraved with our names and shall last us a lifetime.

We couldn't really go out as we had both the boys, but we had some time together once the boys were in bed. We watched Orange is the new Black (we're hooked!), drank wine, although I had Lambrini and he red (yuk!) and ate Chinese, it was such a lovely night :) We rarely get evenings to chat and snuggle up - so took full advantage!