A day of fully appreciating you..

*Warning - This post contains a lot; and I mean a lot of cheese!*

I've been married 4 years!!! 4 whole years I have been Mrs Reynolds, to my Mr Reynolds. It seems surreal when I think about it, because it feels like we've been married 24 years!
I do love this guy and we've had an incredibly busy 4 years together, but I think that's just us!

We've always been fast movers and we are definitely a couple that (mostly) goes with our heart. We met New Years Eve 2009/10 and from that moment, our lives completely changed. I knew very quickly that this guy, was The One. Yup, cheesy as it is, I knew. I'm not saying we've had the perfect relationship but it's been very special. We married 10 months after meeting (engaged at just a tiny 3 months) and pregnant with our Freddie - or Beanie as he was known during his bumpage days, after 6 months!

Many people said we were stupid, that we wouldn't make it and that we needed to slow down. I never listened to any of them because I knew we were happy with where we were and the idea of splitting or 'not making it' didn't even flit across our minds.
Okay thinking back on it we probably should've gone slower and enjoyed our time together at an even pace, but at the time, it didn't feel like we were going fast - it didn't feel like we've only known one another for a short length of time, it just felt right.

Our big day got planned in a extremely quick 6 weeks and was one of the best days of our life! I have to include holding our baby boys for the first time - they were very precious moments in our relationship.

Before Chris, I completely imagined myself being Bridget Jones. Sitting on a sofa in my mid 30s with some crazy friends (I do have them anyway!) and drinking buckets of Rosé weekly! How wrong was I?

Here we are 4 years later, making memories, laughing at the same jokes and enjoying time together with our two little boys. We're making so many plans for the future (most off the back of 'winning the lottery' - as you do!) and we can't wait to see our little family grow some more (ONLY ONE MORE!) and see our littles grow up! But I just really hope that the next 4 years don't go as quick..

I love this so much & it's actually true!

Writing this post I went on the look for all of our selfies - It appears my husband doesn't seem to enjoy them much! It was like searching for a needle in a haystack, but eventually I found quite a few. The ones I did find were lovely! They make me laugh, and I instantly go back to the moment they were taken.
I love photo's and I love that if you were to pick out any photo of us I could tell you where we were and details of the day. (And, Jeez doesn't Chris look so young in the earlier days? haha!)

Keep a look out, there's more to come!