A Day of Breaking Mummys' Heart

I rarely do posts like this and I always wonder why not, because they're the days you want to remember. The one day where things happen, but they're not really that significant to anyone else. A day like we had last Wednesday.

Last Wednesday started like everyday - too early! *haha*
A normal day of getting up and ready for the Nursery Run. After Freddie goes, Noah and I come home (Noah usually drops off to sleep on the way back) where I often do some housework and finally get some breakfast. Before leaving I make Freddie's lunch ready for when he comes in.

I got many letters through the post and amongst the mostly junk was a letter addressed to the parent of Freddie Reynolds, opening it I realised it was paperwork for me to start applying Freddie to school next year.
I knew this day would come, but I didn't realise it would come around so quick. He's growing leaps and bounds before my very eyes. How is this little guy of mine going to be 4 in March and be able to potter off to school?
It's such a massive milestone.
One you don't think about when they first arrive in the world. When they're that tiny bundle that stare into your eyes like nothing else matters - you don't consider that in 4+ years they'll be off to school. It's a fleeting thought for the far, far, far future, not in actual 4 years. So this letter made me feel a little sad; sad that my little guy, really isn't that *little* anymore. 

Talking of Milestones. Shortly after reading that letter, Noah woke from his nap. I grabbed my pile of washing and went up the stairs to be greeted by a very happy and cheeky lad! ON HIS TUMMY!
Yup, you know it, my little Noah can roll onto his tummy now (can't roll back yet but eh!) and it's such a proud moment for me. He's been trying to do it for a few weeks now, but he can finally do it! I'm such a stuck record when I say that I can't believe how big he's growing! 
My boys just keep on growing. Didn't think it'd be like this. (I know, honestly how else did I expect it to be?)

After reading Amy's blog post a couple of days ago (A Mummy Milestone), it really made me think about me! I blog all about the milestones the boys and we achieve as a family - but I never really think about how these milestones effect me! Of course, I often say about how sad I feel that they're growing up so quick (I can tell it's not going to get any easier!).
But really, they make me so proud to be their Mummy. They're growing into such lovely little men and when people say 'it's a reflection of you' I find it hard to accept that. I find it hard to take credit if you like, because I never feel like it's down to me at all.

So last Wednesday, I reached a milestone, with my littles.
I'm just so lucky I get to witness them all first hand. Now for the accepting that they're going to be full grown men someday..