Update: My Weight Loss Journey


In some ways I feel like I have let myself completely down, yet there's something about me that's still proud of what I've achieved despite not being able to do my best.

Let me rewind myself. I've been a bit out of action recently - I found that my cesarean scar hadn't healed properly; meaning I had to go for weekly checks, dressings and take some antibiotics. I was completely gutted. It meant that I had to put my work outs on the back burner and if I'm honest, probably a sign that I started working out too early postpartum. *eek* It really put me in quite a bad mood for a little while, but I used that time wisely (!) what with blogging, boxsets (House of Cards *love heart emoji*) and spending lots of time with my boys - for my convenience it happened to place itself in time for the Summer holidays, so we were busy on our toes most of the time anyway, so the guilt and thoughts didn't haunt me too much.

I did however maintain my healthy eating (on the most part) and I'm happy to say that I've lost another lb, so currently I'm standing in at 14st 7lbs. I'm chuffed because that's only through, gentle exercise of walking and just eating decent.
I've also reduced the amount of meat that I was eating. I found that I was getting really bloated and felt over full without overeating, so I made a decision to try going without for a few days and I felt amazing. My bloating was minimal and I felt good internally, so I've been trying to replace meat for vegetables where I can. I've been eating a lot of fish and pulses to get my protein fix and also been making sure I get in my fruit and nuts for breakfast. I'm in no way saying I'm a full on veggie now - I'm not, I love meat too much to do that, but I'm reaching to a new level in regards to my lifestyle change.
I'm also completely devoted to Almond butter - no words to describe!

And, actually writing this post it's reminding me what good I have done (and the guilty moments too!) because I've actually not been that bad, I guess I really have turned a corner on what's best for me. I'm pretty pleased with myself. Also, a lot of people recently have commented on how good I looked and that its noticeable that I'm losing the weight! (Woo!)
Following them comments I went on the search of some proof; simply because I feel no different. I still feel big and that I have a long way to go before reaching my goal.. but gathering some pictures (I went searching through all my Facebook albums to find these, and found it was surprisingly difficult to find pictures that showed my face naturally). I put them in a collage and below are the results...

I was really surprised, and well, I guess I can't complain because my face is definitely looking slimmer. All photo's have been taken in the summer on each of the years. I'm excited to see what my '2015' shot will look like in comparison to the others!

I went to get my scar checked out on the 9th and the nurse said it has finally healed - WOOP!! But recommended me to wait a few days just to be completely sure, so going to wait until Chris is off next before I dive back in - I just want to Zumba! I'm just hoping this is the last bump in the road for now and that I can get on the way that I really want to, without an issue. I plan to do Zumba, some personal trainer sports and try and get jogging (I'm so crap at it, I really don't know why I keep trying!).
I'm optimistic that the next 6 months will be good and I'll notice it more in myself..


  1. There is definitely a noticeable difference! Remember to focus on how far you've come and how well you are doing not totally on that ultimate goal! Well done you!

    1. Thank you Beth!
      It is sometimes hard to remember to remember where you came from as you get so transfixed on the end goal, but I know I'm in a better place than I was before - just need to do more of the good than bad haha!