Photo of the Week

This week has been an eventful week for us.
Freddie has gone back to Nursery for his 2nd year. Me and the littles have been ill (explosive sneezing, bad cold, sore throat and temperature) so we're feeling very sorry for ourselves and I've also found out that my blog is placed 1,564 on August Polls at Tots 100, I know it's not that amazing a score but, it's my first month! (don't forget to click on my badges if you like my content!).
We've also been away at Drayton Manor and coming home has been a hard landing back to reality, what with Nursery runs on the go and falling horribly ill.
My scar is very nearly completely healed and sincerely praying that Tuesday is my last appointment!
So a boring week really, but an eventful normal week for us :)

I told the boys I wanted us to have a picture together when we were at Drayton Manor. My god, what a faff. Who knew trying to take a picture together would be so much hard work? We took this before booking out of our room and actually you'd never know how stressy Chris was and hyper Freddie was in the making of this picture (ok, there were many outtakes!).
Chris can never understand why I take so many pictures and why I was snapping photo's of the bathroom and bed, but actually to his surprise when he got home he did stop in his tracks, as I was flicking through the images saying that they look good - so actually he was glad. Teach him to moan next time I would like us to have a family photo ;)


  1. Well done on the blog placement lovely!

  2. Thank you Beth! :)
    I'm pretty pleased with it! X x