Photo of the Week

It's back to that time again!
This week has been slow and fast at the same time - odd! 
We've had so many ups this week.
 I'm so proud of my little boys this week, they've both been doing things that, made me break down in tears this week (in a good way!).
Noah is so close to rolling over, it really won't be that long until he's on his tummy! 
Freddie has been progressing remarkably well with his toilet training this week, it's like every bad moment have been leading to such great things! I shall update you all this week on what he's accomplished. 
I've been using the hashtag #whydotheyhavetogrowup - a LOT this week and you can see why!

I really struggled this week to decide which photo to choose because I had two really lovely photo's and Chris was useless in helping me pick! So I just decided to go for them both - You lucky lot!
I love them both so much, they capture a truly precious moment. I am truly grateful for having my camera; I've genuinely got some gorgeous shots from it.