Photo of the Week

I've not taken many pictures on my DSLR this week so I've taken one of my favourite snaps from Instagram.
We've had some good times this week. Freddie has finally started making some progress on his 'Toilet Drama' and did a poo on the toilet for the first time this week! (infact he's actually done two!) We were all over the moon and I may have made a bit of a hoo-ha about it over on Twitter! *whistles*
It's so exciting for a parent to hit all of these milestones and feel like some of your efforts are kinda starting to pay off, that to be honest I'm more than willing to shout about it!

I've also been to the Hospital this week and have finally been seen about my issues! (shall do a post about this soon)

Now Freddie is at Nursery 5 mornings a week, it feels like he's barely here anymore! (A taster for when he gets off to school!) 
But he's here enough to make us all have a giggle and cuddle. 
I took this photo as we all were getting ready for the Nursery Run (I was putting my shoes on) - it was too cute as he was talking to Noah about leaving the house and Noah kept smiling at him - Well you can see how much they love each other :)
I also can't believe that Noah is nearly as long as Freddie.. already! think there may come a time when people think he is his big brother!