Photo of the Week

Week 1 of the Nursery Run is completed.. and it's so close to Week 2!
This week has been busy - I've got back into Arty stuff (watch out for the post soon) and Noah's gone into 6-9 month clothes! We've also brought him a highchair as I think he'd love to sit up the dining room table with us all (he shouts so much when he's in his chair!).
We've also been baking some cakes and cookies and had so many cuddles! It's been a really nice week as we have been getting into a routine - it's made us use our time more wisely.

I love this photo of Freddie with his sock-dog Darry. It's so cute, because he was being so sweet at the time.  He loves Darry so much; it's truly adorable! About time I got a lovely shot of them both together *haha*
I just wish that it wasn't getting dark at the time, which means I wouldn't have needed to edit it as much, but I love it anyway!