Photo of the Week

Apologies for the late post!
We've been ridiculously busy this last week. Chris has been on holiday and we've been making the most of being able to have days out - I honestly can't wait to share the posts with you!

This week's doings - I went on a girly night to Portsmouth, Went to the cinema with Freddie and Chris, brought Nursery Supplies and stayed in Drayton Manor with the Boys, Parents and Grandparents!

Oh my Noah! He loves my camera - he stares at it when I get it out and starts pulling faces!
My little baby is growing and growing. He has so much personality and well, he just makes me laugh nearly all the time (the rest of the time I'm kissing his beautiful face!).
I adore this photo - my camera has been such a perfect addition to our family because it takes so many treasured moments. I love looking through all the pictures I've taken and coming across beauties like this!

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