Our Month in Photos - September

I loved looking through my Instagram feed to decide on what photo's I should use for this months post. 
I've really taken some gems. 

It's also made me realise how many firsts we've had this month too!
Freddie did his first poo on the toilet (TMI I know!), Freddie got himself completely dressed for the first time this month (excluding socks (how hard is it to actually teach them to put them on!?)), Noah's started trying to roll over, my first proper arty project since my card business, first day back to nursery, my first rating on Tots 100* (at the beginning of the Month for August) & my first proper diagnosis to what my acne problem is.
It's so exciting to know so many more are going to come!

Picture 1: I've been very busy throwing myself into my home; creating lots of treasures and pretty things. I get very bored with the look in my house and very often try and switch things up - I can't tell you how many times I've moved my sofas around this year alone! I guess, because I'm  in there most of the time, my eyes get fed up of looking at the same things day in and out. So this month I threw myself into a little crafty project and found that I had lots of paint left, so decided on making a new 'look' for my lounge and dining room.

Picture 2: Yup, I actually did. I thought about Christmas as soon as the Summer was over.. I'm SO sorry. But, as a mum with two boys, I have to be prepared in doing the best I can for their Christmas. It's going to be Noah's first *eeek!* and well Freddie has already started discussing what he's going to put on his list for Santa..
We've started by just putting some of Chris's tips in at the end of each month. Christmas is hugely expensive (even when you try to be careful, it always seems to be!) so getting organised in advanced!
Oh, and we've already booked our Christmas dinner as this year we're going out - how exciting?!

Picture 3: Selfie with my boys! It's very rare I can even get Freddie to sit on my lap, let alone with Noah there too. I made the most of the situation and took a snap - we were also feeling pretty yukky as we all had a bad cold and temperature!

Picture 4: My proud big boy. This was after he dressed himself and I made a big fuss of him (admittedly I felt a little sad that yet again it has been proven that he's getting so grown up! (but on the other hand he can dress himself - one less job for me!))

Picture 5: Noah sleeps exactly like Chris. It makes me laugh every.single.time, because they both sleep like this when they're in a deep sleep (I really must get a picture of Chris like this to show you!). I don't know how they find this comfortable.. I know I don't when I roll over into Chris's elbow *ow*

Picture 6: Because how cute is this? My little bear all dressed and ready for the Nursery run! He makes me laugh and smile all the time, I honestly wish I could nibble his little cheeks, they're squishy!

Picture 7: Last but not least, a Selfie with my littlest guy! He loves looking in the mirror and keeps smiling at his reflection. He's so adorable and don't he half look like my mini-me?!

*I've also found out that my blog has jumped up in the Tots 100 ranks by 112 places in the September Polls, to 1,452! Thank you! Has made my day :) (Feel free to keep clicking!)