Our Month in Photos - August

I've just become aware of how boring my Instagram has been this month. Or of how many pictures I've taken of my boys.. So maybe not so boring as loved up?
I've spent so much time with my little family this month, making the most of the sunshine (although - where did you disappear for the second half?!) and watching my little men grow. 
I adore my relationship with both of my boys. I love that Noah giggles, smiles and flaps about when I lean over the cot in the morning, that Freddie chose me out of everyone to go on a ride at Thomas Land and that I'm branded "so lovely" for putting his name in his wellies in time for Nursery!

August has been jammed packed full of memories and I'm seriously going to remember it as the best Summer to date! We've had loads of days out, laughs and giggles - we've also spent way too much money and shall be spending September trying to recover *haha* but even second has been worth it!
I feel so sad writing that our summer has come to an end and that tomorrow is the start of the new school year. Freddie shall be off to Nursery one again (5 mornings a week!!) and it shall be a new routine for us all!

Picture 1: Just look at his stubborn little face! He's supposed to be having a nap in this photo, but he simply refused to go to sleep - but he was happy enough just laying there giving me looks! He's so adorable :)

Picture 2: I MANANAGED TO TAKE A PICTURE OF FREDDIE WITHOUT A FUSS! I was very happy to be able to take this photo. Recently Freddie has been amazing for having his photo taken (my DSLR is the best thing ever to pose at - apparently!). I've never been one to take photo's of the boys in the bath, but this one is such a cheeky shot! (and my first one I've managed to take with him smiling for a long time!)

Picture 3: My tea set! This was such an unintended purchase, it was only because I happen to walk on the floor of home things in Debenhams by accident that I came across it! But I've never regretted it as I love it so much! 
It's so pretty - I want to buy everything from the range! *hintChristmasPresentshint*

Picture 4: Our Noah is in full swing of teething. He's biting everything in sight and getting really grumpy at times, bless him. But he's fully accomplished the whole fist in his mouth thing.. Which is fairly amusing, until he starts gagging - Such a boy!

Picture 5 : Yep, he's wearing lipstick. I have to stay I'm impressed with how well he's applied it, especially to the bottom lip (I guess I'm an amazing teacher when he's seen me put it on?). He made me laugh so much when he came to me looking like this - I just had to take a picture - he was so please with himself!
He's always with me when I put my make up on and wants to be a big part of it, it is really quite cute! (I can't really bring myself to tell him its a "girl" thing)


  1. Aww how lovely about the name in his wellies :) what a cutie! Xx

    1. Haha he was truly adorable! he went "you're putting my name in my wellies? Aw, you're so lovely!" bless him :) X x

  2. Oh don't tell him makeup is a "girl thing", he just wants to be like his mummy. It's so sweet :) xx

    1. He loves getting his hands on my make up! He's a devil for it, we always put our moisturiser on in the mornings together as it makes us "look pretty" haha!
      Oh, I can't bring myself to do it, feels like I'm genderlising (not even a word but I hope you know what I mean!) things for him :/ X x