Our 1st Summer Holidays

This Summer has been our first official Summer Holiday! Last September Freddie went to Nursery, so we never had what felt like School time Holidays, but we have this year!
We've had some busy days out and many days in, but this Summer has been anything but a drag. I've loved every moment of our adventures this Summer, it's definitely brought us all closer as a family. 
I've really enjoyed looking through the photo's I've snapped and have put some in a collage; it was nice to reflect on some of the happy times we've had. I can't actually quite believe how quick it went!

We've actually had a very busy time this year and it's going to be very memorable for many reasons.
  • Freddie's started using cooking words like "tarragon", "sage" and "we need to put that through the blender!" - Freddie's always loved helping out with cooking, but it's even more exciting when he starts telling you the method and ingredients too :)
  • Noah trying to sit up in his carseat - or any seat! He's getting to the stage where he's more involved in everything around him, and now that he's fixated to Freddie's every movement he does everything he can to be a part of it!
  • Freddie this Summer has mastered the forward roll! Bless him, he's been trying to do it for ages, but we've seen him do it all alone - the look on his face was priceless!
  • We've had many brilliant days out, here's to list them - Great Yarmouth, Alton Towers, Drayton Manor, Portsmouth, Norwich x4 and the Theatre!
  • Freddie has also learnt the method to a spinning top, after a year or so of learning, this Summer he finally perfected the art!
  • Freddie also showed me that he can write the numbers 3 & 5 without any assistance from me!
  • We've played Snakes and Ladders umpteen times - every time Freddie knocks all the pieces over when he rolls the dice!
  • We've also watched the Lego Movie so many times, we all know all the words to the theme song "Everything is Awesome! Everything is cool when you're part of a team.. Everything is Awesomeeee" and watched it a record of 8 times in a single day! (he has an obsession with putting it on repeat!)
  • Freddie, Chris and I went to Norwich to see the new Thomas the Tank Film "Tale of the Brave" - it was actually really good and Freddie loved it!
  • We've been on our first picnic as a 4 this summer too!
  • Batman has become some what a legend in our house, he gets mentioned all the time!
  • Spiders drink Cream Soda - according to Freddie - one conversation that will always make me laugh!
  • This Summer we had a new addition to the family - My camera! (It's considered baby #3)
  • This Summer I have taken over 3,000 photo's
  • The boys have each had a set of immunisations - ouch! 
  • Noah began weaning. We couldn't believe it was time to get started, but he loves it and has never looked back!
  • After every evening meal when us 3 (Chris, Freddie & I) have been present we've played a round of Happy Families!

It's lovely to reflect now that its all over, now we're back to Nursery Runs and lots of housework! ;)
What did you get up to this Summer?