Noah @ 23 Weeks and 3 days

I love you little man more than words can describe. You're currently at that stage where your face lights up every time we speak to you. It's one of them things that I don't ever want to fade away, because you are simply my little pudding!

I can't believe that I haven't done an update on you for so long - it's really bad!
You're growing and growing and growing! I want you to stop, but in so many way I love that you're showing off more of your personality now and with that, I'm looking forward to it blooming in the years to come. It's inevitable that you have to grow up (but it's not fair!).

You, our littlest guy are eating non stop and it's showing. You're getting so big that some people don't even believe you're as young as you are, as people say that you're 'such a big boy'. You're in 6-9 month clothes. Your top half is much bigger than your bottom half - bit like your big brother there!
You're currently having 2 naps a day, usually when we get back from the Nursery run and one after lunch/afternoon time and after that you sleep through the night, usually settling you down between 7pm - 8.30pm.

Your current obsession is with touching your toes! You're constantly trying to grab for them and it can entertain you for ages - if you can fit them in your mouth it's an added bonus!
You're also trying your best to roll over and it's so funny to watch you as really, you're not that bothered about succeeding, as long as you can see what you're trying to look at. As for sitting up, I think it may be a few more weeks yet as we're all providing to your needs enough that you don't feel the need to try and do it yourself (or so it seems!). You love getting hold of things and it's heartwarming to see the concentration in your eyes. You giggle every time to "I'm gunna getcha" and me telling you that you need to go to sleep (a hundred times over) whilst rocking you - so much that you love to grab my face to the point of me going 'ow!'. Daddy sneezing is the height of hilarity. He's forever throwing you about and tickling you - but you don't care, you just smile and very often chuckle that low, cute giggle.

You also pull the funniest of faces when people do things, I think you may be like Mummy and look how you think. Your neck and inner thighs are your ticklish spots. You still have your tiny strawberry spots on the back of your head and your hair is so light - people think you're bald! We still stand by the fact that we think you'll be a red head. You hate waiting for your food to cool down and the dummy doesn't keep you distracted for long. You're also constantly learning how to put your dummy in by yourself and get so cross if you can't do it right, you'll get there one day!
You have the squishiest cheeks going and Mummy loves to kiss them constantly, this doesn't usually bother you unless you are hungry. Stroking that little bit between your eyebrows soothes you when you're finding it hard to settle off to sleep, better still you love to hold and play with my fingers as I sing 'go to sleep' which I'm am terrible at, but you love to look deep into my eyes as I sing it.
You and your big brother are going to be thick as thieves when you grow up as every time he speaks to you, you squeal and get so excited! He loves you lots too, even when he sometimes lands rather heavily on you. Freddie can't go anywhere without you, you're like his added accessory.
You love having a bath and splash around like crazy, I think we're definitely going to have to take you swimming soon. You're currently sharing your bath with Freddie and he loves it (even if he moans for the first couple of minutes). You talk in your sleep. You love to sit in your bouncy chair, so much that you look like you could possibly catapult across the room. The vibrate setting can be a godsend for when you're grumpy and tired. 
Your teeth are currently crazing you and you have been harder to settle the last few days because of it. Bonjela and Calpol have been helping you out though. We've been doing lots of tummy time recently and you're getting good at pushing yourself up. Your feet even try and go! You talk non stop, to yourself mainly as you can keep yourself happy in the mornings for an hour before Mummy's even got up (according to Daddy). I can see that you're trying to do lip patterns too. I'm also convinced you do say "I love you" "Oh God" and "Yeah".

Basically, you're lovely and we all love you. It doesn't feel like you've only been part of this family for a matter of weeks, because I can't really remember a time before your cheeky grin. I can't wait to see what the next few weeks bring and I also can't believe it's nearly your half birthday! (HOW HAS THAT COME AROUND SO QUICK!?)
Keep being beautiful