Getting My Craft On!

I've never really talked about the Art side of me. I used to be an Art Student - I actually even started University and was planning on getting an Art Degree in Fine Art.
But it didn't go to plan, I went too far away from home truth be told, and it didn't help that I met Chris (it was very whirlwind). I ended up moving back home, got engaged, pregnant and then married before I even thought about going back the following year a little closer.
Since then I've dabbled in a few arty projects of my own, but nothing that majorly kicked off.
I do sometimes think to myself that I miss my Art side as I don't ever have the amount of time I want, to be able to do very much. But every now and again inspiration strikes; I can't get it out of my head.. and then I have to do something about it. This was one of them moments.

Before heading off to Uni, I was seriously considering doing a textiles course as I love sewing and materials. I'm not amazing at it by any means, but I really enjoy it. I guess now it's kind of a hobby.

I dashed into town last week to get some sewing and arty bits. I felt so excited when I made the decision to go and buy some stuff. I'm so used to having to consider the boys and sorting them out before I think about anything I fancy doing!
It was too much fun picking out fabric from the fent shop (our biggest crafty shop in town - has a massive range of materials!), photo frames, embroidery thread and paints.

That night I threw myself into my ideas and scribbled out my thoughts. It was very exciting to do something different with my time in the evening - usually I blog or watch tv, this night was painting and sewing. (and nearly every night since!)

Freddie was so excited to see me do things other than 'ironing and washing up' because "you're always doing that" he often says. So sitting down, painting and 'showing him' how to sew was rather enjoyable. Freddie also picked out the thread colour (obviously brown because that's his favourite colour) and once done was pleased to see it hang on the wall saying "that one is mine - we're sharing that one, and that's Noahs'". 
Yup, sometimes he really does say the cutest things!

I know neither of these are perfect, but I love the end results. They're colourful and very personal, everything that I love in my family home.

I'm also going through a switching things up in my house at the moment, though mainly my lounge. I'm painting picture frames, changing photo's and making some personal touches (I'll explain all in a later post!)

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