Food - The Way to a Baby's Heart?

We first started weaning Noah when he was 14 weeks old.
I know this is really early and well, I went with my instincts - he was ready. He was always hungry (not much has changed to be honest!) and displayed that he was ready to try something more than milk. Noah is still on Cow & Gate Infant Milk and soon will be going onto the follow on.
The main reason for early weaning was because he simply wasn't getting full enough on the milk alone and was feeding 8oz every 3 hours. We knew that 8oz was a lot for someone so young, but he wanted it, so we fed it to him. Water wasn't consoling him enough to be put off the thought of food, so we went with it and just started with baby rice..
He loved it, he really enjoyed his first taste of baby rice after the initial lemon face poses - that they all hilariously pull! We started with 1 teaspoon of rice to 10 teaspoons of milk and we just upped and upped since that day. I tried him with a jar of ready made "sweet potato and beef" as we got it free with a meal when we were out in Morrisons; I mainly chose it because it was Freddie's favourite as a baby. Trying it with Noah he pulled the most disgusted face he could and spat it out, (they may be brothers but clearly don't share the same taste buds!) after giving it more attempts we carried on and he went on to bawl his eyes out - It was safe to say he wasn't going to have it! Luckily I had some milk made up in case he wasn't that happy with it (as I always do with something new).
The next evening Chris & I had Sausage Casserole and we spoke about freezing some up for Noah. Freddie always loved homecooked meals and it was much cheaper than the jars in the long run so we'd freeze up the leftovers of our tea for his lunch.  Jars were always convenient to take with you out and about, but at home we used up his little portions. Noah adored the Sausage Casserole, making lots of approving groans as he demolished every mouthful from the bowl. And, the next night Chris said "I'm going to see if he loves Freddie's favourite homecooked meal - Carrot and Coriander Soup", he was right, he loved that too! He has since then gone on to eat Leek and Potato Soup, Spaghetti Bolognese, which are not his favourite but he always eats a big bowl! Oh, and not forgetting that he loves Ice cream! we let him have a little taste and he just wanted more - I also think because he's teething it was lovely and cold on his gums (but it's definitely because he loves the taste).
We've tried fruit pouches and he's not overly keen (although apple has been the biggest hit!), I actually think he doesn't like the taste of banana as he turns his nose up at everything that's in..

So we figured Noah loved his milk and our homecooked meals, so I started trying again with a jar and decided to try a milky one. That was much more successful that the others we'd tried! Egg custard is his absolute favourite (I loved Egg Custard when I was pregnant, but hated them before - now I know why!) and continued with rice pudding and creamy porridge.. both hits!
I have tried some jars since and has shown to like beef casserole, but not cottage pie.

Currently he is having 6 teaspoons of porridge, made with baby milk and 5oz of milk too. He gets so upset if he doesn't have the milk afterwards - I still think he doesn't connect the porridge to food! But he is getting better with that, as he only has food for lunch and a bottle mid afternoon, with food and bottle for tea and bottle before bed. Some days he eats more and some days not as much, but always a good lot and always clears the bowl - not going to have any troubles getting him to eat his tea in the future!
Can't believe it's not long until he starts trying to nibble on food... But, we're prepared as we brought a highchair at the weekend! (cue cute pictures of his squishy face!)

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