Drayton Manor: Thomas Land - Part 3

Now for the main feature - Thomas Land!
These photo's make me really smile. It feels like this trip was ages ago and I feel all squishy reminiscing the trip all over again. We genuinely had a lovely time and for me it was some proper quality time with my boys. (I actually only took 1 photo for Instagram!) the whole time we were there. I wanted to spend every minute as close as I could to Freddie - I wanted to share every moment of his excitement.

Honestly, there were moments when I felt like I could've cried because he was that happy about being there. He was quietly (Freddie?! QUIET?!) overexcited that there were many times when he didn't quiet know what to say. (He's spoken about it non stop since he's been home!) I loved that he tightly held onto my hand and said that he wanted me to go on a ride with him. Me out of everyone - I know! I'm usually the one that's always around, the boring one, that when anyone else walks into the room he immediately runs off to them. But really I know it's because he knows that I'm still there waiting, I am mum.. and after all the excitement, he'll come back to me. 
Not this day, he was "Mummy, look at Thomas!" as he bounced up and down "I went on Thomas with Daddy!" and told me all about what they saw. It was so lovely.

Anyway, we went on a ride together and he couldn't stop laughing, he loved it! Afterwards we had some pictures with some of the other engines and he had a ride on Salty with Chris. He also won a Rosie after (2 unsuccessful attempts) and he loves her - he kept kissing her all around the park and smiling at her at home too - He's too cute for words sometimes!

It was a really lovely little place to go, it wasn't a really big section, but it was perfectly sized for mini people. Enough to keep them engaged and excited. 
Around Thomas Land there were people dressed up as conductors, little cottage shops and Thomas themed music playing, also whilst waiting for troublesome trucks ride (and for a ride on Thomas) there was a made up little Knapford station platform; it really felt like you'd magically hopped over to the Island of Sodor! 
We dipped in and out of the place all day long as some people went on the rollercoasters in the park also (namely, Me, Chris & Laura) and we all went on a ride with him throughout the day.
It was a really awesome little place for the little ones and I'd love to come back when they've extended Thomas Land (currently planned to open in Easter 2015!).

I totally forgot to mention in the Hotel post that at breakfast we saw The Fat Controller walk by us as we waited for a table - Freddie's mouth dropped wide open as he followed him pass! It was so funny as he was like 'what?!' so all round the park he spoke to me about seeing him at breakfast.

Don't miss out! 
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