Drayton Manor: The Hotel - Part 1

*WARNING - Picture Heavy Posts!*

For a long time now Freddie has asked us to take him to Thomas Land, or should I say begged.
Our Freddie is completely obsessed with Thomas the Tank Engine (and all of his friends) and has been for a good couple of years now. He owns numerous Thomas DVDs & toys - starting to get quite a collection!

Ages ago, I looked into going to Drayton Manor so that Freddie could go to Thomas Land and as it's a fair way from us, in Tamworth and with no transport of our own, it was unlikely we were going to go anytime soon. The train too would've been too much faff to bother with, so we put the idea off - until we talked at the start of Summer, the places we wanted to visit this year. There were loads on our list and it would've been amazing to have been able to do all of them but we simply don't have the funds to do that - sadly!

I never thought this trip would happen, so I was very (pleasantly) surprised that my mum asked what the prices were for the park.. It then snowballed into making it a mini holiday as we haven't planned to go away so far this year; therefore booking rooms at the Drayton Manor Hotel. 
After looking around at various other Hotels we found that by the time you've factored in accommodation, food and tickets it was actually cheaper to stay onsite. So from there we booked 3 rooms - one for the boys & I, Nanny Poppet, Grandad Rich and Laura and Nanny Peppa and Grandad Lenny!

We were all stupidly excited to go (yeah we need to get out more), but for me it was all about making Freddie's dreams come true. He was desperate to go and it was pretty much his event. I will talk more about the park come the next parts to this post, but for now, the Hotel :)
The Hotel is 4 stars and it's beautiful. Everything was spot on decor wise and the staff were so lovely. I loved the room as soon as we walked in and I wanted to steal the bathroom - Not sure how that one would've worked, but I really wanted it! (Freddie also helped model it out for you).
 The lobby was really cute as it featured Thomas people and engines (pictured below) and this made Freddie even more excited. They do also have Thomas themed rooms and we were so close to booking one, but thought it was a bit ridiculously priced for one night so decided to go with one of the regular rooms. It was gorgeous. We did request to have a Thomas gift bag for Freddie as we know that little ones get bored if they stop for more than a few minutes.. It was really lovely and Freddie was so excited opening the bag up to see what was inside. He got a Thomas toothbrush, Dinosaur puzzle book (they have a Zoo as well!), colouring, a storybook and a 2 episode DVD. We got two, unexpectedly so Freddie ended up with double the fun!

The breakfast was so yummy! It was a buffet style, where you can go up as much as you wanted, serving a very large selection of breakfast items, including a really cute set of danish pastries (they were Instagram worthy, but I had left my phone back in the bedroom!!). 
There was also a Restaurant at the hotel and a Restaurant a couple of minutes walk away called 'Grill inn' that we went and had a look at - a wide variety of food, but ended up going off site to a Toby Carvery instead.

The only thing that was a little disappointing was that when we booked online we requested a cot for Noah, but when we arrived in the room there was no sign of it. We shrugged it off as it was very easy to miss off when you have a lot of rooms, plus we're not totally unreasonable people haha! So I went to the desk and asked about it, they then said they would put one in our room whilst we went out for a evening meal. When we got back there was still no cot so we had to call reception, and finally a cot arrived.. I mean it was a bit of a let down in some regards but it was such a small thing compared to the bigger picture - Everything else was too lovely for it to cause too much of a bother. And Chris being the man that he is, opened the door and said no to the man asking if he wanted him to help put it up.. Obviously you can imagine it was not the best idea my Husband has ever had as he couldn't put it up, but was determined to fix it together regardless. It took him 10 minutes whilst listening to me laughing at him saying "well, you said you'd be fine.. and it also has no instructions - means it must be super easy to put up!"  - He couldn't help but smile afterwards as it knew it was so true!

I also have to admit that I had the best nights sleep I've ever had. No exaggerations. It was actually comfier than my home bed which was amazing! I never knew you could actually sleep like that in a Hotel - goes to show you really can. I'd love to go again, even if it was for the bed alone!

I will put the next post up as soon as I can!

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