Drayton Manor: Evening Meal and Other Pictures - Part 2

After arriving at the Hotel and settling into the rooms, we went for a drive on the lookout for somewhere to eat.
Piling in both Ford Galaxy's; Nanny Peppa, Grandad Lenny, Chris, Noah and I in Grandad Lenny's and Nanny Poppet, Laura, Freddie and Grandad Rich in Grandad Rich's and stopped at the nearest Toby Carvery for a very lovely Carvery Roast! 

We had to wait a while before there was a table that was big enough to accommodate our large party, so as I was feeling at a loose end (Chris was holding Noah), I decided to take a few snaps - naturally! I'm so glad I did because they're really lovely images and we really don't have enough as a family!

I have also included a few snaps we took before we set off out to the park :) (these are among my favourites I have taken with this camera)

I don't want you to miss out!
So, If you've not seen Part 1 - catch up here!

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