Snaps from the Heart

So, my camera has arrived! Admittedly it's a day early! (email said tomorrow) I was incredibly excited. I watched the delivery van pull up across the road and secretly hoped it would be for me! Safe to say I was a little hyped when I saw that he was walking to my front door..

I opened the package and fell in love with this DSLR of mine. I've always wanted a decent camera.
As a Art Student a few years back, I loved playing around with the selection of DSLR's the Photography Department had, and my real dad also had a Nikon DSLR that I very often stole for my projects, but now I have one of my very own!
I charged the battery and plugged in my memory card, I automatically started snapping away!

I think my boys are definitely going to be a big feature with this camera. Freddie was so eager to have a look at it as it sat on the dining room table and even more excited saying "Take pictures of me!" (Yeah, I know! I can never get him to crack a smile for the camera, let alone pose for me!)
Here are the first snaps from the latest gadget!

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