Playing Nursery

We're slap bang in the middle of the Summer Holidays.
Most days have been really busy. We've been out nearly every day, doing something or other. So as a parent a day at home is quite nice, but as a 3 year old, it can get quite boring. Freddie's constantly on the go and wants to be doing something all the time!

So last week when I went shopping I brought a little workbook. I know, it seems a little odd to buy something to make your child work over the holidays.. but I knew Freddie would love it. It has stickers (for a start! *haha*), and it's something we can do together. It really does make our alone time special because he snuggles close and sits down with me for more than 5 seconds.
And actually it's a lovely bonding session. I always feel like I don't do enough with him, even though we spend most of our days together - I don't know, I think it's more because he's happy playing alone at times, so I get on with some chores, or cooking some tea (although, he often gets his stool and comes stands with me), and not to mention Noah needs feeding, usually half way through a film or when we're playing. (I hate having to do that, but sometimes I have to break off to sort the little one out!)
But with this activity, we purely save it for when Noah is having a nap. So that we get some proper quality time.
I love it to be honest because I always forget how intelligent he is. It seems impossible, but when we get time like this, my eyes water because he's so damn perfect. His speech and knowledge is fantastic. I never realise how far he's progressed.. he drew a 3 and 5 without any help! I never knew this. I guess he learnt at Nursery, but I never knew he knew how to do it - I was shocked and so proud.

 He really surprises me at times. I'm lucky to have such a lovely little man in my life.
Every time Noah goes for a nap he asks "Can we do some of this now?" and I always say yes, because really, I love learning what else he can do. I love that when I'm telling him what a pair is, or how to know who's heavier on the seesaw - he looks and listens intently to me. Then I can watch him apply what I say to the page. I love that something so simple as this, brings so much to our relationship.

P.S These photo's were taken before I got my swanky Camera!

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