Planning for the Future

I am a daydreamer. I always have been, ever since I can remember and I probably always will be.

When I was growing up, I always used to dream of my adult self and about what I wanted from life. I pictured a picturesque house with pretty little flowers over the door, rooms that were beautifully decorated, photo's everywhere of my little family and a gorgeous garden where I imagined young children and my husband were playing, and it'd be all mine to fall in love with.
Okay, I'm such a romantic when it comes to fantasising what my life could be. I honestly feel that I stumbled out of a Jane Austen novel (massive fan by the way!). It's so easy to just sit there thinking about the future, thinking about all your hopes and dreams. Whilst it's nice to "think" about it; there's no chance of it coming true until something gets done about it.

So, I already have the family I've always wanted. I adore every aspect of our family. I love all good and the faults; it's really not that far away from my vision at all.
Chris and I, very early on in our relationship talked about wanting Children and to buy our own house (It was quite the Whirlwind Romance!) - we talked of how we would decorate, what "our perfect layout" would be and the style of the house itself. Even to this day we talk about how nice it would be..

But we moved into a rented house so that we had our own place. We needed a place to call home, what with our small bundle that was Freddie on the way. But now, many years have passed and we've got Noah with us too, and we've moved house, but yet still renting.
I see no problems with renting at all, there's so many pro's and con's between renting and buying. Financially ourselves we're better off renting at the moment. But currently we're in a place where it's getting a bit tight for space and we're not allowed to decorate. It does bug me a bit; as I'm a creative person, who loves putting their own stamp on things and well living in a house with two young children for nearly 3 years this Christmas, it's starting to really need a repaint! But if any issues rises with the house, we've got a landlord who can easily come fix the problem - we wouldn't get this in our own house! There again with the pro's and con's. But we all want a place where we can firmly say "This is our place. This is our ground that we own". One day we will get to say this :)

Another one of our wants is to start being able to drive, as it would massively help us out as a family. With two young kids relying on a lift from parents/grandparents or the bus isn't exactly great; but there's so much that comes with driving, the insurance, MOT's, tax etc etc so it'll be a big drain on our finances (especially with trying to save for a mortgage!), but we will start on this goal first as it's needed more in our life, at the current moment.
Not forgetting Christmas that's fast approaching.. Oh there's always something isn't there? But we shall get there one day, with lots of hard graft! *haha*

It's all definitely on our to-do list and we're planning on doing some serious saving up from September onwards. Why not straight away? Well we want to enjoy our Summer with the boys and we have a few more trips planned out before we start sparing on the pennies :)
But it's all getting planned out.

I do love thinking and looking to the future, it's exciting to see what else is going to come our way and what else we have to look forward to! I guess for now I'll continue with my daydreams and keep putting away some in our moneybox ;)

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