Pink Linings | Yummy Mummy Changing Bag: Wise Owl Review

Throughout my pregnancy with Noah, I expressed my need want for this product on many occasions. In fact when I was pregnant with Freddie I really wanted a Pink Lining's bag, but at the time we couldn't afford to get one, so it was put on the list for when we were expecting again.
I remember coming across this product via an email that had been sent for the new spring collection. I signed up for subscription weeks before so that I could get notified on their sale, and not to mention to keep flicking through the collection weekly in the meantime! 
I was super excited and I fell in love with it instantly. I had an obsession with everything Owls (still continues), and it was perfect - it fit in with my ideal vision of the pram too! I loved everything about it and I wanted to buy it straight away! It was really that amazing, that I had to email the link over to my mum so that she could have a look - she loved it too! I adore everything from Pink Linings, everything looks so pretty. I always want to buy everything that I see!
I was lucky enough to be able to buy it, and as it was in high demand, being new stock, it took me a few days for it to be delivered to the shop.
My feelings have never changed since I saw it for the first time. (Ok, we're not having a relationship, but it is pretty darn special!)

The design is truly beautiful. I love the look of the owls, it's so eloquently done! It also comes with the "Yummy Mummy" slogan stitched on the front pocket.
I really love the colours as well, I think the brown looks lovely with it - I was a surprised with the cupcake though, I think the colours could have been better suited. But the bows were a cute add-on to this product. Everything is pretty much spot on; although I did notice the (felt?) on the cupcake started coming away after a few weeks - but I'm sure I can soon fix it with some fabric glue!


The one thing that really got me with this product, was how sturdy and good quality it is (honestly feels like it would have to be knocked around a fair bit before it started to fall apart or even start to scratch the surface!). It's completely waterproof and so easy to wipe clean. Also I never realised how big it would be! I can fit so much in it, and when I go out, I very often put a change of clothes for both boys, bibs, tissues, my purse, phone, keys and injection purse in there - I never take my handbag or Freddie's backpack with me if I have this on me. It's honestly a bag for the whole family!
It has two insulated bottle holders inside, which are really lovely as they keep the bottles warm for a very long time! (a very good thing with a young baby) and on the other side there's elasticated pockets for nappies and wipes - again these are big so you can fit a good lot of nappies in there. I use one pocket for nappies and the other for nappy bags and wipes (and actually when Freddie was still in pull ups, I put a few of them in with the nappies too!).
I love how everything has it's own little compartment - it helps the unorganised be organised!

I have to admit in the nearly 5 months that we've been using this Changing Bag, I have yet to use the mirror or pen loop. I'm not really sure why, I guess I kinda forgot about them, nor do I really use them when I'm out.
On the sides there is also bottle holders - I often use these to hold my bottle of water/Freddie's drink or as Noah is still drinking a lot of milk, to carry extra bottles. The bottle holders do feel very safe as the pockets are deep and the elastic grips the object well, I never worry about my bottle falling out of the holder at all. It has an adjustable shoulder strap which is really handy - I'm personally forever changing it to go over the pushchair, the shopping trolley or over my shoulder. 
It also comes with a changing mat (we've taken this out now and use it in the house, although Noah is now too long to fit on it properly) and a see through zip bag.

I honestly think that the Wise Owl Changing Bag is worth the money. It's currently on sale at £79.00 - it's fairly expensive for one object, but it's definitely worth every penny (or if you're like me, you'll fall so much in love with it, that it won't even matter!).
It's a bag that will get lots of use, it holds so much, it's waterproof, has many compartments inside, insulated bottle holders, changing mat, various accessories - I'm sure i'll be using it for years to come!
If there's any questions feel free to comment at the end of this post, or if you'd prefer to email me, catch me at

(This is a personal review. I've not been paid by Pink Linings or anyone else to do this review and all thoughts are 100% my own.)

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