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The Summer holidays are nearing an end! Where has it all gone?
As a family of 4 we've been very busy enjoying the holidays. Chris has started his holiday today! YAY! It's going to be so nice having him home and spending proper time with us for the next 9 days. We have so much planned - definitely going to be a busy time :)

This last week has flown by! 
We've had a trip to the Theatre, time at my Grandparents, lots of film time (I can't tell you how many times we've watched the Lego Movie! Seen it a total of 4 times today, alone!) and I've had a day out with my Best Friends. It's been a lovely week! Oh and our little Noah went into the stroller for the first time this week - can you believe he's too big to fit in the pram anymore?! Where has my baby gone?
It does make me a little sad to realise that the summer is coming to an end. Soon it'll be back to nursery runs.. (Least that'll give a helping hand to my diet!)
We are embracing every moment.

This photo got taken at my Grandparents this week (A post with the other pictures to come!) and it made me and Chris laugh so much. He even said "that HAS has to be your Photo of the Week!" and who was I to argue? It's hilarious!
I know it's not in perfect focus, but it's just a classic and well doesn't our little N look mega cheeky?!

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