Photo of the Week

This week has been a lovely week at home bonding.
I've had so many treasured moments with my little men.

It's been really nice to be able to relax in the comfort of our own home! I love days out but home, is really where my heart is and this week we have reveled in it!

My little Freddie has been such a cutie this week, (he's always a cutie) but he's been really snuggly and has been asking to do lots of stuff with me, including me in things instead of getting cross when I try and join in. (At that awkward "that's mine" stage)
We've been spending lots of quality time together - I've got a post showing some of our moments this next week - so watch out!

Also, this week, I've been a naughty missy. I've only gone and bought a DSLR Camera! *Eeek*
I was surprised that Hubby wasn't annoyed with me, but instead said "well, it'll get lots of use!". 
I've wanted a decent camera for years now, and since Noah has been born I've only wanted one more - I want to be able to take gorgeous photo's of my littles. I want them to be crystal clear and so in focus.. And well, my phone really doesn't provide that! I snap pictures all the while, and well it makes sense that it's at least a decent one :)
So whilst I've been feel guilty for spending so much, as it should be money we are saving - but serious saving starts right now! I promise!

*Can't wait for it to arrive on Tuesday!*

P.S I have changed the blog web address - so any of you that have bookmarked me anywhere, you may need to change it :) 

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