Photo of the Week

This week has flown by..
We have managed to go on a picnic, have a couple of days out shopping, friend over for catch ups and caught up with some relatives that have come to visit from abroad.

It has also been a week of organising and booking things up for the duration of the Summer hols! (It's not over yet!)
Me and Chris have been making plans to surprise Freddie with over the next coming weeks. We've booked seats to Marty's Old MacDonalds Farm at the local theatre on the 21st and tickets to see Thomas the Tank Engine: Tale of the Brave that's coming out in cinema on the 22nd, but we're seeing it on the 25th :) I honestly can't wait to take him to that - he's going to be so excited! (all posts to come!)

Picnic - 5th August
Choosing what picture this week was a bit of a task as I have many pictures that I adore!
But I chose one of us 4 enjoying our time out together at the picnic. I do love this picture as I think it's the 1st one we have of the 4 of us in it. Definitely planning on framing it!

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