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So another week has come and gone - seriously though how can it be August already?
I honestly think that blogging my life is making it all go so much quicker. I take photo's of my boys, every. single. day. I'm always thinking of what posts I need to do and writing lists of things to mention!
I'm currently working on a mahouuusive post for the end of Summer. I'm really enjoying jotting down all the little things that is making our first Summer holidays, that bit special.

You'd think it'd make everything slow down - no luck of that!
I see the difference in the photo's, every single week. Noah's face alters slightly every week.
Show's we have to take every week as it comes and appreciate whilst it's happening.
Please don't hurry through too quick August!

This week has been fairly quiet. Since Monday we haven't really done anything apart from food shopping. We've started a thing this week where we play a game of Happy Families after tea. The three of us, take 5 to just play a couple of rounds. So lovely to take them few minutes before getting back to "I need to do the washing up" "We need to bath the boys". It's fun and we're enjoying it! 

I think this next week shall be a bit more eventful! :)

Noah, 15 weeks.
Fast asleep in the car holding tightly onto my hand.

My little Noah Bear!
I'm loving cuddles more and more with this little one (probably more because Freddie is at the stage where he'd rather do anything than stop for a cuddle (unless he's super tired)).
Noah's getting so he breaks out into a massive smile every time I look at him and I just feel a flood of warmth. He knows me and likes me!

I'm not saying Freddie doesn't know me or dislikes me 'cos I know he does and I love him loads. I just notice that babies really consider you their world. They want your affection all the while, they want you to talk to them and interact non stop. (And us mummy's love that!)
Freddie is happy to play alone at times, of course I play ball, make a train set up with him or watch a Thomas DVD eating popcorn. There are moments he wants cuddles and me to stroke his hair.. but there are also so many moments when he really wants anything but. He's growing up and getting independent *oww*
So I appreciate these moments with Noah more, more than I probably did with Freddie truth be told (I guess I didn't realise how quick it all goes). I love little moments of him clinging onto my finger and laughing at everything I say and do..
I just hope that "entering into the room and recognising its you full on smile" thing lasts a while, because it's what makes being a Mum so worthwhile, through all the not so fun parts!

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