Noah's 1st Taste of Baby Rice!

Our little Noah has now reached 14 weeks (yes we can hardly believe it ourselves!). He's always been a really hungry baby from the moment he was born; that first night he drank 6oz - so we knew what we were in for straight away!
From that night he has only gone up! At a matter of weeks he was consuming 5oz every 4 hours, 6oz, 7oz and now at 14 weeks he is downing 8oz! (And he really, really hates it if you stop to wind him! (He cries like he's heartbroken - the bottle is his true love!))

Our Health Visitor told us not to go on the feed for hungrier babies as it's unsettling for their stomachs, so we've stuck with Cow and Gate for infant babies. I never remember the stage 2 being an issue when Freddie was a baby - he had it and was completely fine!
I know weaning isn't recommended until they are 16weeks of age, but I think that Noah is ready to start his journey to solids. He seems very interested in making a start so we're going with our hearts and giving it a go..

Tuesday 29th July, Noah had his first taste of Baby Rice!
It was a giggle watching him as he kept looking puzzled about what was happening, yet it didn't stop him going for more! His thought process definitely was "It smells like milk.. It tastes similar to my milk.. but it's not milk.."

He ate 1 spoonful of Baby Rice powder to 10 spoonfuls of his milk.. and 6oz of milk!
I wanted to just give it a go with the amount of Baby Rice but he scraped the bowl clean and shouted for some more, so I had to give him some milk - I guess it didn't feel like he had been fed!

.. Maybe we'll have to make it 2 spoonfuls of Baby Rice Powder to 20 spoonfuls of milk soon!

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