Marty MacDonald's Farm Day Out

Thursday 21st August we went to the Theatre!
We surprised Freddie to a trip to see Marty MacDonald's Farm at the local Theatre. All summer we have been making trips out - generally making an effort to do things as a family when we have the available time and funds.
I told Freddie the night before we went that we were going out for the day and that the location was secret. He got over excited and was convinced he was going to Thomas Land - Errm...
I did say "No, we're not going there" and he was completely okay with it, but he actually thought we were going there. Sorry matey! (But we are on Sunday - Shh!)

But we got the boys ready - I couldn't help but put them in matching outfits! They were a present from my Grandad and his partner in Australia! They're gorgeous clothing, and they look super cute and if it's not cool to wear matching clothes to your brother now, when will it be?! (cute snaps below!)
 After taking forever to get them bathed, dressed and fed (not forgetting ourselves!) we headed off on the bus to the not so Sunny Hunny! It was very windy in Hunstanton, but we never let it damp down our spirits. Getting in, we got a large portion of Cod & Chips between us three as a quick snack before the Theatre, it was truly enormous and I was actually stuffed! (cheap lunch date ;))

The show was fantastic! We loved it so much, and I know Freddie had a ball joining in with all the actions and songs (we couldn't help but join in too!) and he laughed all the way through it! Our little Noah loved it too! He actually started shouting out when Marty asked what everyone's name was - he watched the whole show intently, the cutest little man ever!
It was a lovely show and totally worth every penny spent! Shall definitely take him again - he was good as gold! He even got to meet Sally the Scarecrow and have a little chat before having his photo taken!

After the show we went to a Ice Cream Parlour where my brother works and got Mr Whippy's! (It even managed to take a selfie!) It was also, what my brother called "the best Ice cream I have ever done, ever." So, it definitely deserved a picture! 

It got chilly so we ended up round seeing my grandparents and stayed with them for tea. I couldn't resist taking some cute pictures of my boys :)

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