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Hi Everyone!
I just wanted to write a quick post on how much appreciate all you readers! I'm always so overwhelmed when I look through my stats. To see 1 a day is pretty exciting, it means someone has actually been bothered to click and have a look.
So thank you to all my faithful readers and all of you that just pop by on the off chance!

I never thought when I started blogging that people would actually take any notice of what I write, let alone personally message me and say "I really like reading your blog". I started when I was pregnant with Noah so that I could record what we get up to together, so that in years to come my boys (and any future kids) could read what we did in their Childhood. My only regret is not starting earlier! Never thought my family would be interesting enough to keep an eye on. So honestly, thank you, you're brilliant!

If you are one of my readers please do say Hi at the bottom of this post, it'll be lovely to know who you are and get to know any of you that I don't yet know! :)

P.S. I have logged up to TOTS 100 as a Mummy Blogger and have recently been approved as a "Top Mommy Blog" (Yes, I was very very excited when the email confirmed!), so if you enjoy my content on this blog or read it often, please feel free to click on the badges that are on my homepage on the left hand side underneath the Blog Archive :)
Every Click will raise my ranking! 
(please note that the above picture is not linked to the websites - it's just to show you what badges i'm on about.)

Thank you again & don't forget to say Hi! :)

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