Fun at Alton Towers!

Thursday 24th July. The day had finally arrived! I was off to Alton Towers with my Best Friend/Sister Els. I couldn't wait.
It was a rather spontaneous trip really as only a few days before I got asked via text "What are you doing on 25th July?" "Nothing as far as I know.." "Fancy going to Alton Towers?" "Sure!", over the next few days we toyed over the idea of staying over at the Hotel the night before, the night after, or just going in the morning and come back in the day.. Els decided she wanted to stay at the Hotel and with that the decision had been made and it was all booked! We were very excited!
We've both have got to that stage where we're like "What the hell! Let's just do it!". We know that life is short and anything can happen unexpectedly. We know we have to live with every moment as it comes and well if you've got enough to pay the bills, surely you can blow some on having fun :)

I said it was a spontaneous trip, and it was but it was for a reason. We went last year with some other people (we ended up breaking up from the others and went off on our own!) and we had loads of fun. The day was filled of laughs, jokes and lots of queue waiting.. but something stands out when we reflect back to that time. After a day of rides we were relaxing on the grass in the park, chatting nonstop and laughing (something that's totally normal when we're together). El received a phonecall and everything stopped. I have to admit when I think of this, it still breaks my heart. I don't know if you can visualise it, but imagine seeing your best friend laughing and pulling a face at you to suddenly seeing her whole face drop, tears well up, her voice breaking and tears rolling down her face. I've only ever seen her cry once before in our friendship (she's the total opposite to me when showing emotions.. I cry at everything and nothing!). Long and short of it her Dad had died.

It's one of them moments that stay with you. It was a WOW, what do we do now? It was a day of mixed emotions. We cried together, hugged and talked about things, and well.. that has never left us. I can see that over the last year we have only got closer, our friendship has grown to another whole new level of strength.
So we decided we should go back and have like a remembrance day for him. We still can't believe that it's been a year since that horrible day.

We had such a lovely room. We stayed at the main Hotel instead of Splash Landings where we have done before - the rooms were of the same standard. Arriving at the Hotel rather late, we dumped our stuff in the room and went to the bar to have some catch up/girlie time!

There was Entertainment, of a guy and two ladies singing. They sang some well known tunes - I of course loved to join in!

That night we were far too hot! The room was boiling and the pair of us struggled to have a decent sleep. But it was comfy and very convenient in the morning - means we didn't have to wake up ridiculously early, and we got a yummy breakfast!
The Secret Garden Restaurant was so cute! I really liked the tree as we entered the room. Such a pretty place to eat.

Leaving the Hotel, we were looking forward to the rest of the day! It was already so hot - very glad we took suncream with us!

 We were told to follow the green footprints to the train...

We went on so many rides.. But for me, the Ice Age Experience was one of the best parts of the day (even if I did get covered in bubble liquid, ew!) it was 4D and it was really good - totally recommend it if you're there!

She kept moaning that I was taking pictures of her.. But I see there's nothing wrong with it!

As it was boiling (and towards the end of the day) we had Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream and sat on the grass for a while. And at one point Els just goes "The tree's look like they have eyes!", I was like What!? But they really did, it was slightly creepy! They all looked the same, was some what fascinating too..

Naturally we had a Selfie whilst waiting in a long queue for a ride..

Cbeebies Land

Everytime Els asked where we wanted to go I would remind her that I really wanted to have a look around 'Cbeebies Land'. Cbeebies Land was opened for the first time this Summer! It was new, It was exciting.

I think I was more excited to have a look around than some of the Children that were there!
It honestly was so adorable. I really wished that Freddie was there with me to look around and go on all the rides with him - there was a fair bit for them to do!

There was an imposter in Mr Blooms Allotment... But I have to admit he was a good impersonator! His accent sounded identical and the way he was acting was spot on. He just didn't look like Mr Bloom at all! (I wonder how many kids actually said to the bloke "You're not Mr Bloom!")

Mr Tumbles' Sensory Garden was so adorable. They really paid attention to the details and there were so many kids jumping around looking at all the little games there was to play. They even had a spotty bag to look in and learn signs from! I know Freddie would love this if he was there; and I loved the spotty bench!

They had a playground which looked like so much fun! Certainly sounded it by the screams and giggles of Children!
Also there was a Walk of Fame with a few of the Cbeebies Characters starring..

It was such a lovely day. A busy and very hot day, but it was amazing (mainly to do with the company I was in!) and I don't think I could ever get really bored with the experience. I would definitely love to go again, and be able to take Freddie to Cbeebies Land as he would love it (or I would!). It's always a day that goes too quick but leaves so many fantastic memories.
And that's what we need, happy memories :)

But it came to an end and we had to come home *oww*

(For you Daddy Craik)

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