Freddie's Booster Injections

On Monday, Chris and I took Freddie to his 3 year old jabs.
I felt sad when the appointment slip came through the post box announcing it was time for his next set. It seems horrible taking young children to somewhere to have an injection where they'll get stabbed, when they have such little experience of the cruel world as it is. But as a parent you take them because you know it's what's best in the end and well, I couldn't bare it if he got ill due to not taking them.

I remember taking Freddie for his first set at a mere 8 weeks and he screamed the place down as he had two injections (one in each chubby thigh) and it took ages to settle him afterwards. My eyes watered and vowed that I would never take him to his injections ever again. So each time after that, Chris has always booked the day off to take them.
But I was needing to see the Nurse too, and without thinking I booked a double appointment. It was until I got home and was like "Sh*t", but Chris booked the day off anyway so that he could go in with him.

Monday morning I told Freddie he was going to the appointment and he did a massive pout and goes "but, it'll really hurt me" "It might a little bit, but it'll be over really quick" I said, not wanting to lie to him. He soon got over the idea and when we set off, he said nothing more of it.
He did hide up a little in the Nurses' room, but sat on Chris's knee without an issue. I saw that there was going to be two injections and thought "Oh, we'll have to see how this goes". To be honest, Freddie didn't look at all bothered about having them, he was more wondering why Daddy was holding onto his arm. His eyes watered, but he soon stood up and was easily distracted by the fact that the Nurse had a pot of stickers! He got two (one for each arm) and a Certificate of Bravery! I thought this was pretty cute - a great way to distract them, eh?

He also got to have some Calpol in case he got a temperature, but he never did. He really did take the who thing in his stride. It shows I was more bothered about it than he was! Us parents, always want to protect them from everything, but it shows they're stronger than we give them credit.

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