Dear Diary, Post 6.

Hello Everyone.

I very often get writers block. It's honestly so frustrating. Sitting in front of my laptop and wanting to write how I feel, or about what's happening and not being able to find the words to write - why does it have to happen? I then get stressed, then fed up, which then leads to me giving up and churning over what I want to write in my head, a hundred times over.
I very often have a love/hate relationship with my Blog. I love that I can write down all the things I do with my boys, I love that it's actually very calming when you're feeling a bit emotional and I love that I can call it my own and actually, is something I really enjoy doing! 
But then there's the days when I have nothing to post, or when I read someone else's blog that I adore reading and suddenly feel like mine is complete rubbish. I hate them days so much. I'm guilty of comparing my Blog to others. Not so much our lives, but their writing style, or the topics they can write which are so interesting to read, and that can make you laugh.. "Mine aren't like that" I think.

When I first started thinking about opening my Blog, I looked into what makes a good Blog and the one thing that jumped right out at me was "Make it your own - Have your own voice". And with every Blog post comes the thought "Do I have my own voice?".

I find myself getting caught up in the stats and when it's low one day or for three, or when I hardly get any comments, I automatically think "It's all rubbish, no-one even likes reading this" and it's so silly really because stats are just numbers and I'm not doing it for the numbers or comments! (though they are nice to read!)
I need to stop over-thinking it as we're all in the same community, and blogging our lives. I guess the grass really does look greener on the other side, doesn't it? 
I think also there's pressure on being a "Mummy Blogger" as there's so many link-ups and beautifully written Blogs, that it's hard to try and find your spot amongst the thousands that are out there. It's hard to try and keep people's attention, but I try. Every time I do a post, I remind myself that I'm writing this for a reason. I have to remind the little voices that I'm doing it for me and the boys. I enjoy my time writing and I want to document the times I have with my family - I may not have the best writing skills, and my posts aren't actually funny, inspiring or thought-provoking at all, but it's my little page of words that even if no-one ever reads, then it's okay. 

And really, thinking about it, all our Blogs are unique. 
So if you're like me and wonder is my Blog any good - stop worrying, you've got your little patch of grass too and there is somewhere out there who is reading it and loves it :)

I'd love to hear your thoughts on starting Blogging and what you think on a daily basis regarding what you post! Do you also worry if you have a voice? Found any tips that have made you feel like you're being more successful? 

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