Days Out with the Family!

We've been very lucky as a family to have some days out recently!
 I love days out with the Boys, Parents and Grandparents (or the boys Grandparents & Great Grandparents) as it brings back so many memories of me as a child looking forward to going out for the day and wondering where we're off to. When I was young we were always told we were off on a 'Mystery Tour' and we'd all be so excited wondering where we were going to end up!

We stuck with this for Freddie by saying we were loading up in the bus (It's a Ford Galaxy) and off on a Mystery Tour - Freddie naturally was bouncing around excited about spending the day with everyone and asking a 100 times where we were going!
I could see the excitement in his face, exactly like how I felt whenever I was told this.

Great Yarmouth

At the end of our Mystery Tour we ended up in Great Yarmouth. A famous seaside resort for hundreds of years, and it's not hard to notice why!
The sun was beaming and there were loads of people walking in a hundred directions. Eating Chips, Ice Cream, playing on the beach, walking along the promenade hand in hand, laughing, taking photos.. It was a very happy and bubbly atmosphere.
We managed to park near the promenade, metres away from the lovely golden sand. We got out and did an old tradition that happened every time when I was a little girl.. had a picnic on a bench near the sand.
My Nan is well known for bringing her cool box full of nibbles and treats for us all to indulge in what we call "lunch" and what the hell we always scoff the lot!

After having a picnic on the bench, we slapped some suncream on and decided to have a walk around.
I do love places like Great Yarmouth, I love that wherever you look it's familiar. A place like that hardly changes over time, it's like reliving your Childhood.. only difference is now having my boys, it's their Childhood now.
I love children's reactions to you telling them that you've been here before when you were the same age as them. Freddie just looks at you like you're lying, but just burst into a sniggery giggle!

We got to Joyland. A fairground (that I found was established in 1949!!) where they have rides with old fashion tokens. The rides also, haven't changed one bit..
The fairground itself is a young child's answer to Alton Towers. Rides of all shapes and sizes, loads of little children running around screaming to parents, jumping down, pointing and dragging anyone who will go with them. The rumbling of the tracks up ahead and all around.
The sound of fairground rides noises blasting out and parents saying 'Slow down.. Watch out' are all too familiar to a young me.

Of course all of the above was said and done to Freddie.
Our little Noah slept the whole time, very happily in his car seat. (Still amazes me how they sleep through anything!)

Freddie adores his Great Grandad and was asking him to go on all the rides with him. Whilst telling me all about what was there. Of course I went on many rides with him, but naturally it wasn't easy to take pictures whilst you're being twirled, or bumped about!

There is one ride which always stands out when you go to Joyland. The Snails - If you've never been on the Snails, you don't know what you're missing ;) *haha* I went on this ride when I was really young, as did my Mum with my Grandad (shows how old it is!) and loved it so much, I enjoyed it for so many years. I went on with my brothers and sister numerous times. We loved it. It'd always be the first ride we'd go on. And once again, it hasn't changed at all. 
Freddie went on with my Grandad first and I think he was speechless first time as he said nothing. He was silent (until much later when he wouldn't stop talking about it).

Of course having kids gives you an excuse to go on again, right? Well I did! I'm sure I was more excited about this than Freddie!

One thing that was new at Joyland was that just before you got off the Snails you had your photo taken! (I guess they're trying to copy the big guys at this) It was a really love touch to add in and I'm glad they have done. 
Freddie wore his sticker with pride and we left the photo's till last to take a look at. They were so lovely and I know we'll treasure these for years.

It was a very busy day. A day in the sun, with lots of banter and laughing. I do love the Summer for these moments!
Of course, like any good days, it has to come to an end.. and a certain little someone was very tired! (Well OK, Noah slept..) but our little Freddie fell asleep instantly. Not forgetting our favourite Darry Dog! 


The next day we were up early to head to Norwich for the day. We sometimes get a free pass to get into the City when my Dad is working in one of the buildings in the City rather than at home as usual.
I went with my Mum, my sister and the boys for a walk around and a sneaky few purchases! We went to lunch at Ed's Easy Diner where we've never been before for a change. We really enjoyed it and it tasted delicious.

After lunch we went for a walk around the shops and brought a few goodies! Freddie found a Thomas the Tank ride and begged to go on it, I couldn't say no when he asked so lovely..

I do apologise for the photo spam of late, but I can't help but take photo's at every opportunity! I don't want to miss anything when it comes to my littles as time is going way too fast. I can only take pictures of them when they're little, whilst they're little :)

I love days out! Keep them coming Mr. Summer :)

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