An Afternoon in Grandad Lennys' & Nanny Peppas' Garden

We're very lucky to live very close to all of our family.
My Grandparents (boys, Great Grandparents) live a bus drive away at around 6 miles. So every now and again we pop up to see them.
At the moment they're putting a new fence in, so the garden was chaotic, but the boys loved it anyway!
Noah spent most of his time having cuddles with Nanny Peppa (I'm not really sure why she's called 'Peppa' it's not even her name, but when Freddie went through the Peppa Pig craze, he started calling her it.) whilst Freddie was jumping around the garden with the bubbles from the bubble machine, or running around after everyone.

When we were young we lived in the same town as my Grandparents and saw them all the time in the Summer. We used to walk up the steep hill, and be so glad we reached the top and walked to my Grandparents house. Playing in their Garden was the highlight as they had what felt like a massive lawn for us all to play around on. 
They brought us a toy box full of plastic tennis rackets, balls, badminton sets, cricket set and water bombs. We spent so many days up there just mucking around and laughing (also had far too many treats too!).

I always feel nostalgic when visiting my Grandparents house.
Especially when I enter my Grandads' Garage. It hasn't changed a bit over the years. The only thing that has changed is us! We've got older and the moments spent in there are now memories.
I probably spent quite a bit of time in that Garage after school (the middle school was literally down the road from theirs). My Grandad would pretty much always be in his Garage poking around doing odd jobs, and I'd go in there and talk to him about how my day at school was and about what he was up to.
The thing that stands out when I think of them days is when we were going on Holiday (we used to go all the time back then!) he would take me over to the map on the wall and show me where we were going, and the route we'll take to get there. I actually smiled when I went in there the other day, when I saw it because that thought came back to me like it happened yesterday.
All the random pain pots, screw and other DIY equipment sit on shelving he has to one side and things hanging off the walls.. It's a place of stories and old times.
It brought me joy to see Freddie running up and down the Garage, along the painters planks that lay in the middle of the floor.

It's weird to see our fond memories as a child, are also slowly becoming theirs too, isn't it?

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