8 Things I Really Appreciate Since Becoming a Mother

Since becoming a Mum I have become so aware of the things that I do day to day. I have become aware of the things that I dislike, enjoy and go out of my way to do.. and because of that, I wanted to do a little post on the things that I really appreciate since becoming Mum.
Being a Mum is very demanding, but we push on and do everything we can do to do our job to the best of our ability. I adore both of my little boys and they bring such a joy to my life, but it's nice when you get a chance to be "you" again. So my list of 8 things that I really appreciate since my little men have joined my life..

1. Having a Hot Shower
The best showers are when your partner is watching the kids for a little while, whilst you can really enjoy a hot, uninterrupted shower (or bath if that's what you prefer!). I haven't really had many since Noah was born, but I had one the other day and it was so blissful! It felt so nice to be able to stand under the shower head without peaking eyes trying to talk to you around the shower curtain, or rushing because you're wondering where the toddler is and what he's up to! It just felt nice to feel girly for half an hour, to be able to apply a face mask, shave my legs, brush my teeth and dry myself off without feeling rushed. Made extra special when Hubby said "take your time.." - that I did!

2. Quality Time with Husband
I'm so lucky to have such an amazing Husband. Yes, he's far from perfect but I really treasure all the time we are able to spend together. I love seeing him bonding and playing with the boys, but there's something so nice about being able to have them to yourself for a while. It's time where you can relax and feel comfortable together. Time where you can talk uninterrupted and enjoy the qualities that made you fall in love with them, all over again.

3. Your Mum
I love my Mum, I always have and always will. But looking back on my Child/Teen Hood I know I didn't love nor appreciate her like I should've done. Naturally all kids will take advantage of their parents, but it's not until you have your own Child/ren that you really know how amazing they've been all these years. I'm lucky to have a close and supportive relationship with my Mum and now thinking back on them times where I used to moan about putting a pile of clothes away, or grumbling when I was pulled away from the computer when it was tea time - they we're so pointless, and in turn exactly what I will do with my Children as they grow up! And the phrase "you turn into your mother" - You honestly do! (Sometimes it's kinda funny how much!)

4. Eating a Hot Meal
As a parent, I'm constantly on my feet and there's always something else that needs doing. Noah always likes to wake up as my tea gets set down on the table which results in me one handedly rocking him or feeding him. That or Freddie's moaning about the cushion he's sitting on (it's like a booster seat as he's too short to reach!) or that it's too hot, or anything he fancies because he's getting tired.
This tends to result in me sorting the boys out and when it comes to my turn to eat, it's normally luke warm or getting cold. (YAY!) But on them rare occasions I do manage to have a lovely steaming plate, it's the most enjoyable thing. As for eating out..

5. A Tidy House
I'm definitely one of these people that feels irritated when the house is untidy. My mind fits perfectly with the quote "A tidy house equals a tidy mind" - It's almost like it was written for me! Being a family means that it's rarely tidy, organised or sorted half the time, and I'm growing so that I'm used to it and don't mind. It's my little family scrambling through the day and creating memories, where's the ironing going to be in my memories in 10 years time? So yeah, when the boys go to my Mums for the night, it's so lovely to be able to tidy the house up and do the chores. Sitting in a quiet room and having me time is very nice for a little while.. but really it's nice when they come home :) so I guess I can love the house when it's tidy for a short while, but the real fun is when it's not - I can have a tidy house when they grow up!

6. Time with Friends
I honestly have some of the best friends in the world. I adore each of them. Spending time with them (and staying in contact) is something I make sure I go out of my way to do. These girls have stood by me in the good and the bad and I wouldn't want to lose them - as a parent it feels necessary to have friends to stay sane!
I love nothing more than when we're planning a girly night or talk about meeting and taking the kids somewhere for the day. It's lovely, and its nice to reconnect with them when we can all make time and get there! I definitely do not take them for granted and when I get time with them, it's nice to feel like "me" again  :) It's rare when we all get together, so when we do, we really make the most of it. We're all so busy with careers, families etc that it makes it so much harder to get a time to meet (totally the opposite to the college/school days!).

7. Lie Ins
This one is self explanatory. There's something so lovely about that feeling of waking refreshed in your own time, it makes the whole day feel so much better. Only trouble is I seem to wake up early even when my lovely husband allows me to sleep in sometimes! Its amazing how much we abused lie ins when we were teens and now as a parent, it's like a treat! (Also means I get a proper charge up on the batteries of energy and patience!)

8. Time
Since having my littles, I've really become aware of sense of Time. I see that my little men are growing in all sorts of ways, every day. It's sad to see and believe, but they have to grow into Adults eventually.. And every day, is one day closer.
As I'm more aware of this, I'm also aware of how much older I'm getting. The years are starting to fly past and when I think that Freddie will be 4 in March; it also means I've been a Mum for 4 years! 4 whole years.

Recently Chris and I have become so aware of time. We have jointly decided to spend as much time as we can together growing as a 4. We're also planning for the future, days out, what to save up for.. Generally enjoying every second we have been blessed with.
So when I get a chance to spend some "me" time, I realise both how quick and slow it goes! 32 hours feel like a lifetime when you're apart!

So these are my 8 things that I value deeply as a Mum; I'm sure I will find many more as I go through the years..
What are the things you appreciate?

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