Photo of the Week!

I've been looking forward to writing this post today!
We've all been busy as the summer has decided to shine through. It's been a lovely week of Shopping, Meals out, Quality time with Family, the Hubby and a Best Friend!
Days out under the glorious sunshine is fabulous (hot and muggy, but fabulous) and I'm looking forward to more of it over the next few weeks.
There's something about the Summer that makes everyone comes out to play!

This week we went to the nearest city (Norwich, Norfolk) for the day with my parents. On the way there Freddie was getting tired and Noah was asleep and I looked over to see them holding hands. I know Freddie notices it from me and that he's started copying, but it is honestly so cute!
My boys have bonded so much over the last few weeks, especially moreso now that Noah is getting to recognise faces and voices. He always smiles at Freddie and they're currently going through a thing where they just giggle at each other - so adorable!
I feel these two are going to be thick as thieves when Noah is able to get about, because they're pretty tight already!

Admittedly Freddie pulled his hand away immediately after he heard my phone camera shutter go off and went "Hey! I don't want you taking pictures of me!"
Too late buddy ;)

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