Photo of the Week

I've been so busy this week!
We've had haircuts, shopping trips, lunch out (twice!) and have worked out numerous times.
Yup, I'd say it was a productive :)
..and this next week is going to pretty much be more of the same!

Noah - 11 weeks

Noah's continuing Teething, (I have shared this with you haven't I?) yet has remained one of the happiest babies ever! He's in full swing of giggles, gurgles and smiles.. He's beyond cute!
 But, he is continuing to get so big (literally the opposite to Freddie!). I think he may actually need to start wearing 3-6 months clothes now. *sad face*


..Where did this come from!? HOW has it been 12 weeks already?
I'm mind blown!
But the fact is, he is.. and it's gone so fast.
 He is an absolute dream. He's Nearly going through the night and smiles every time you speak to him! I love my little pudding!
Oh and Daddy's thumb is the best teething toy there is, didn't you know?

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