Photo of the Week!

This week has been mega packed!
But, to be honest I love a week full of exciting things to do, and this week has been jammed!
A week of lots of memories.

And what comes with a busy week? Sleepy people!

My photo was such a easy choice.
I firstly noticed how long Noah is now! He's getting so big. I think he's going to be a big boy when he reaches adulthood - definitely has Chris's build, unlike Freddie.

I laughed so much to myself when I walked into the room at 12.36pm on Thursday night and saw two of my boys sleeping in exactly the same pose!
It brought one of the smiles where you think "God, I love my family so much".

Chris had a good giggle when I showed him. It's definitely one unique, original photo.
Going to be one we keep getting out at random times as the boys grow and have a laugh at.

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