Part 2: My Cesarean Section Experience

Part 2 is going to be based on my recovery from having a Cesarean Section. If you haven't yet read Part 1, catch up here :)

In the hours following Noah's birth, I felt so relieved. Relieved that a part of it was all over, yet I knew that it's only just started!  I've got two boys! I spent the night in the delivery recovery room with 3 other empty bays. It was so nice to get the room to myself and my gorgeous and so tiny bundle!
I never really thought previously about what having a Cesarean would mean to me, physically or emotionally.. I just made a decision to have one just because I couldn't go through any more pain. I just wanted it all to stop and it did. I felt no pain. All I felt was completely exhausted and happy.

It came to me very suddenly, the fact that I was going to really struggle getting about. I was lucky with Freddie that I was able to have a natural birth with no real damage done to either of us; I was up and back to normal after 3 days! I never had the thought of "Crap, I won't be able to just get up and feed him the second he cries" which I had at that moment. I relied on the Nurses or a Midwife to come and pick him up for me and bring him over. I had to lay back because of the cut so I couldn't even sit up and look at him properly. It was so horrible, I wasn't able to do the very thing that I really wanted. Which was to look at every inch of him and soak up his beautiful face and smell.
But being stubborn as I am, I did the very best with the position I was in.

And the next few days proved exactly that. The next morning I was moved back to the ward. Chris came up and met our little man and then it was time to find a name for him.. Now you may remember that we wanted to call him 'Archie' but he just didn't look like one. The name just didn't click when I saw him, so we hunted for another name. Noah wasn't a name we had really thought about, but it just looked perfect for him and I instantly loved it. That was his name.
It was so lovely to have some bonding time just the three of us, and it helped so much that Chris was there to help with the feeds and sterilising bottles - well everything! At lunch time my Midwife came and said I had to give getting out of bed a go... WHAT!?! It was only 14 hours since he was born, what if my stitches came undone? My guts just simply fell out? What if the spinal block hadn't worn off and I just collapsed on the floor and look like a complete fool?
I was so nervous, but to be honest, my bum was so numb and I was in the most uncomfortable angle.. I needed to move and they say the sooner you're up, the sooner you mend!
I wanted to be mended instantly, I didn't want to have to do this.
 My medicine was wearing off and I felt so bruised. It hurt SO much whenever I coughed or laughed. and can't even think about what sneezing was like! (OMG!) I just realised in that moment that, this is just the beginning.. It's going to take WEEKS to recover. Why did I decide to do this? I knew why, but I just wished the other had worked.
All members of staff were so supportive and told me to take it easy, that I could do it. I had so much encourgement and I decided to just go for it. I just had to turn my body, sit on the side and sit myself in the chair next to the bed. Easy right?
Erm, no. It took all of my effort to even sit up. I felt so stiff and my stomach was so sore. Before this moment I never realised exactly how much you use your stomach muscles, even in the smallest of movements, you seem to pull them. Ouch. I slowly did it with lots of help from Chris and the Nurse. My body felt so weak but I was determind to show them all that I'm still in control of my body and that I was able to fend for myself. Standing up I felt winded and honestly, it felt like my stomach slumped down to my knees. (hate that saggy skin you get afterwards for a few weeks!)
 I remember feeling like I wasn't going to be able to get through this and how was I going to do this with a newborn and a toddler? It's funny really 'cos the thought 'I've given birth, I've carried this baby around for 9 months, I've been to a hundred diabetes and gynae appointments and I've gotta do this too!?'  ran through my mind at one time. But I never gave up. I wanted to get back to normal as soon as I could, because I had to! Also, in the grand scheme of it, I've not had the worse pregnancy or birth ever. 
Chris was honestly my knight in shining armor. He helped me everywhere, he held me up, supported and was so patient with my every move, it took nearly 10 minutes to walk a little down the hall to the toilet. He looked after Noah, changed, bathed and fed him along with everything else, I really couldn't have done without him (well apart from the fact he kept making me laugh - which was agony!). I felt like I had been through the wars and just prayed everything that hurt just went away! But it didn't.. It stayed with me for at least 2 weeks after. Ouch. I never accounted for getting excruciating back pain (near to where my spinal block was) for about 2 weeks from about a week after Noah was born - Made me struggle walking about for more than a few minutes before I had to sit down.

I'm so lucky that I have a lot of family that were able to help, because I REALLY needed it. I needed anyone that was willing to help for 2 minutes because I wasn't able to do them little things. It felt like I was completely useless, I was actually good for nothing in that time because I just hurt and just needed someone to hold me or pick things off the floor, I imagine I was worse to look after than the boys put together! I couldn't barely wash myself and Chris had to dress me for 3 weeks. It was so much harder than I could imagine, but it was so worth it to have Noah with us, I just really wished I didn't have to go through that to get him. Us mothers really do go through a lot to have our little ones, but every  bad moment vanish as soon as you see their perfect little face.
It took me around about 4 weeks to be able to walk around reasonably okay and to slowly be able to dress myself. Possibly the longest 4 weeks of my life, but I did it. I kept pushing. 
That's the main thing I found, that the more you kept on top of doing things, no matter how long it took you to get to the other side of the kitchen, you have to keep going. The winded, the sore and bruised feeling got a little better as the days went by and really looking back on it I was glad that I got out of bed so soon after Noah was born because it made it easier in the long run.

Now 13 weeks after that horrible birth, I'm back to normal. I'm exercising, getting around the same as before and really I can hardly notice I went through it (apart from having Noah to show for it!). Noah's doing amazingly and is growing so long! He's had his first set of immunizations - the weeks are flying past!
If I was to have another baby (ok, we'll say when because we know it'll happen!) I would try and have an elective if I'm left with the same position as last time.. as terrible as the recovery was, I would go through that again over being induced every time! I would know what to expect and coped better than I thought I would've done :)

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