Part 1: My Cesarean Section Experience

I really wanted to do a post on my experience of having a c-section (cesarean section).
I'm going to be doing this story in two parts, part one being the cesarean (this post) and part two which shall be the recovery (uploading next week sometime).

Having a cesarean is classed as a major operation but due to many people having one these days, it isn't seen as a massive deal as it once was.

In a previous post I talked of my birthing experience with Noah (catch up here) and ended up fairly reluctantly having a Cesarean. (The midwives class it as an emergency c-section, although baby was calm and I wasn't too distressed, so was actually a quick planned section) 

It wasn't something that I wanted to go through; I ideally wanted to have a natural birth but due to the lack of progressing, it seemed the only way Noah was going to arrive safely and calmly was via c-section.

Having a section was one of the weirdest things I have ever experienced as it wasn't how I imagined it to be, yet at the same time, exactly how I pictured it. I had some really friendly scrub nurses and anesthetist who made me feel more relaxed about what was going on and my midwife, who was with me the whole time talked and reassured me about what was happening. We had a good chat as she was telling me about her son who is 14 who is also Deaf (in one ear) and a Diabetic; so this made for a common interest talk. (This was mainly to take my mind off the contractions that were still going on) It was especially good during my "spinal block".  

Immediately after the spinal, my legs and torso felt really heavy and it swept up to above my chest. It felt so odd to have all feeling taken away from me.. It felt like everything from below my neck was tingling for a while. Best way to describe it would be to say it was like your whole body having pins and needles! Everything felt heavy.. Yet there was nothing you could do about it!
I have to say it felt highly embarrassing to have doctors and nurses move your body for you and drag you across to the operating table. I also had the sensation that I was rolling over sideways on my left which was horrible.
I had my mum in surgery with me, and I always call her my spare set of ears as she helps me out every time someone talks to me (if I need it) and in surgery, I needed a lot of help as the lights were so bright, the staff had masks over their mouths so I was unable to lipread, I felt dizzy and hugely emotional.. I had this massive realisation that, it's all going to be over soon, I don't have to go through any more pain or discomfort. I am going to have my baby here and this horrible birthing experience was finally going to be over!
I was talking to my mum all the way through it, to mainly just get myself through it. To be honest she was the best person to have with me as she has had 4 cesareans so she knew the drill. It was reassuring when I asked and told her about these little things I was feeling, she was able to tell me she knew what I meant and that she had experienced it too.
It felt so surreal when they were tugging my stomach every which way to get my little bundle out, it made me feel very sick, and so so nervous! I actually ended up being very sick (was later told this was due to the antibiotics that they have to give you).
It took them what seemed like forever to get Noah out. They had to use a vacuum on his head to pull him out, and he screamed the second they lifted him! I simply burst into tears as soon as I heard him and my mum went over to see him. I have to say compared to a natural birth I missed not seeing him properly straight away.
I had to get stitched back up whilst all the checks were done and when I did get to see him it was at an awkward angle but non-the-less it was the best moment throughout my pregnancy. He was finally here!

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