Our Month in Photos - July*

What a busy month it has been!
July is the month where the sun comes out and we can all enjoy lots of time outside with our loved ones. It is also the month we all complain of getting sun burnt (I know I have numerous times this month!) and feeling far too hot, that we need to shower twice a day - at least!
It's the month of being able to take a lovely walk and wear dresses and pretty sandals that make you feel super girly with hardly any effort. 
It's the month where pretty much anything goes! 
It's officially Summer!
(And there's next month too!)

I've stolen all of these from my Instagram - so if you follow me you may notice these!
These are my favourite snaps that have been taken in the month of July!

Picture 1 - I like how natural this picture is of my boys. It was such a lovely morning walking down to my mums, it wasn't too hot or too cool (in the afternoon it become boiling!) so it was nice to enjoy some exercise with all of my boys, chatting about the bugs and everyday things with the littles!

Picture 2 - I can't help but post adorable pictures of my littles! They have so many cute moments and it's so nice to capture a few. I know I'm going to fall more in love with these type of images as they grow older. 
I love the fact that a photo is taken as a glimpse of our lives and we can keep it frozen forever.

Picture 3 - Freddie is beyond adorable when he talks about Noah growing up! As I was taking this picture he said:
"He likes my Pink Ball! I think when he's older he'd like to play with me and share it with me"

Picture 4 - I'm forever saying that Noah is getting too big and long.. but there are so many moments when I'm reminded that he's still only a matter of weeks old. He's still tiny and he's still my little NoNo! (He always will be even when he's a grown lad!)

Picture 5 - Capturing Colour! I love following the hashtag on Instagram that's #capturingcolour which is hosted by some amazing blogging mummy's - I couldn't help but join in when I took this beautiful picture of a Monarch Butterfly that was sitting on my kitchen window. Fitted in nicely for the Orange Week! It was very amusing to find a butterfly peeping through my kitchen window! (Just wish it was a more picturesque background!)

Picture 6 - This picture makes me giggle because it takes me back to the moment when it was taken. Freddie had gone to Nursery and  Noah and I came home where he was very stressy for ages! I tried grabbing his attention with teddies; that worked for a little bit! I thought maybe it's because he wants a bottle he's getting grumpy, but out of nowhere he was sound asleep.
Of course the caption was "Don't know which teddy to sleep with? Sleep with them all!"

Picture 7 - I've been spending lots of time with this girlie that I call my Sister. We're not really Sisters, but we are. (Go figure!)
This summer has already been loads of fun, we've been for spontaneous milkshake runs, shopping, cinema trips, Alton Towers (post to come!) and play dates with my boys! Safe to say I love it when she's on her  Summer hols (Woo teacher!) because it means I get to talk to her lots and have someone to talk to alll the time.
So come back from Ireland! I miss you! :(

{*This post is what I would originally call 'Update in Picture Form #5', but have changed the title to something I find suitably better :)}

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