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I feel like I'm so behind on these posts regarding my "Diet" - Although I should really say Lifestyle Change. So I'm starting to wonder now that maybe I'll just do occasional updates on all this foodie/exercise business when something new or exciting happens.
Ok, so it may seem nothing new or exciting happens whilst dieting, but my body is forever changing, and I'm growing more and more confidence regarding my awareness for health foods and finding an enjoyment in exercising. (Yes really!)
Over the last week I've started doing a 30 day challenge. It's an overall fitness regime and it's made fun by being a game on the Wii. I get to have a virtual personal trainer who tells me how great I'm doing and how to work harder! Squats have been my biggest enemy over the last week+ and they make me want to cave in! 
But I never do.. What's 30 minutes of intense exercise? (Yeah, no, don't answer that.)

I brought some Nike Trainers!
I really wanted to show people and myself that I am really serious about kicking this fat off, so I brought some trainers.(Ok, yeah a pair of trainers won't really show that, but it makes me more serious!) Also my feet were getting a little sore doing Zumba in bare feet, and don't get me started on trying to run in my old ones..
I totally forgot how comfy a pair of really decent trainers could be! These are so lovely and have definitely become a part of my daily life now that I'm working out. I feel so springy, and well when you buy some new things, you want to wear them don't you? Yup!
I truly love them.

I've been getting really creative with my lunches!
I try to incorporate lots of different colours and textures - I even try and get my boys to have some too! (Made some healthy pancakes for lunch today and they were a massive hit!)

My Instagram is full of all my meals - Yup, I'm one of them people who post their dinner.
Saying that, it does motivate me to keep them healthy so that I can share it!
You don't want to share a naughty meal, do you, when you're attempting to lose weight?!

Instagram has definitely been my place to go recently. Not do I only love taking pictures, I love following fitspiration (get me!) and motivation accounts. There's so many accounts, that I could easily be sitting there all day looking through healthy recipes and pictures of people's scrummy breakfast/ lunch/ dinner/ snacks!
I have to say that I am definitely taking a lot of their ideas on and talking to a few of them, learning their techniques.. Yup you could say it's getting pretty serious ;)

This week, I have noticed that my legs and arms are much more toned than when I was pregnant and even before! I honestly started getting bingo wings and thunder thighs, but now they have returned to their glorious ways of being slim - As amazing this is, I wish my stomach would shrink! I have the curse of the Apple Shape! 
It does feel, sometimes when you say to someone, "Ooh, I've lost 12+lbs" they look at you like "Yeah, whatever" and I agree that I don't "look" like I've lost them, but I know I have and in myself I can see where it's gone from. It's slowly coming off my arms, shoulders and arms.. Even my boobs have shrunk *sadface* (won't even go into the results from my bra fitting the other day!)

A week ago I ordered Bootea | The Teatox for WeightLoss and the next day it had arrived!!
I was so happy to see it finally arrive (especially when I thought it'd take days/a week to come through) and I'm currently on Day 5.
I will go into more detail regarding this when I finish the 14 days Detox as I'm planning on doing a review. I have taken some Before photo's (yuk!) so hopefully when I do my after, there may be a slight change?
I don't expect it to work miracles or make a massive difference in my appearance, I'm not silly enough to believe that would ever happen (Even if their Bootea Results Instagram shows lots of images of such amazing transformations) I know all this is down to hard work, clean food and exercise. But if it helps by clearing my system, which it seems to be doing and makes my digestive track feel better then I say it's doing ok, so far.
But make sure you keep an eye out for my Review!

This is my Inspirational Quote this week!

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