Fun at Farmer Fred's!

Hi there!

Yesterday we went and met up with my friend from school and her two little girls, Lauren and Ruby (her oldest is my goddaughter :)) and went to a soft play centre called Farmer Fred's.

We had such a lovely time. I took Chris with me so that he could help out when the kiddies were playing so that Jess and I could have a big catch up! Hard to believe that the last time we met up was just before Jess was about to give birth, last October! Felt like forever ago, but just shows how quick time really flies!

The kids absolutely loved it, Lauren and Freddie went off to play together and got along famously! (Chris joined them too.. I think he probably enjoyed it more than the two of them put together!) 
They were so cute! It was adorable to see them sitting and talking together.. makes a massive change from all the times they've met up before! (They both always used to end up falling out or being scared of each other) 
We assumed it was probably because they're both at Nursery now, so they're used to mingling and now feel confident enough to get to know one another!

(I couldn't resist taking photo's!)

They loved sharing their snacks together!

I asked Chris to take the above photo's of Freddie playing, as I didn't get a chance to go in and explore myself (definitely will be next time!). Looked like he enjoyed himself!

It was such a lovely afternoon, it honestly whizzed by! Can't wait to do it all over again.
So lovely that Freddie and Lauren left being the best of buddies!


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