Freddie's 1st Sports Day!

 Today was Freddie's 1st Sports Day!
I'm so glad that the weather was really lovely as it would've been such a shame had it been cancelled a second time.

We arrived and all us parents were packing out the seats with our little ones by our sides. 
 The atmosphere was fantastic! Everyone was cheering everyone on, and you could see all the kids were loving all the attention of their parents calling their name and taking their picture, waiting for them to cross the finishing line.

I too, was one of these parents. I loved the event and Freddie was having so much fun telling me what races he was doing and how to do them. 
There's some sense of inner pride when your child is participating in a event. They show you their confidence, their flair and enjoyment. He made me so proud. He was really well behaved, listening to what his teachers were telling him and even went to the toilet without protesting!

(I understand that to many people these pictures look like dots in the far distant or look like the same photo over and over, but I promise they're not! - Oh and he's the one in the Angry Bird Hat)

Egg and Spoon Race

I'm not cheating at all...(thought Freddie with his hand holding his egg!)

Uh-oh, dropped the egg on the floor!

Bean bag race (had to run to hoop, throw the bag in and run back)

Bean Bag Race (Bean bag on head)

Freddie ran far off course - He still won!

Bunny Hop Race - Hop like a bunny all the way to the finishing line..
..So we started like a bunny..

...But ended up like this! (Yeah, apparently bunny's jump like this!)

At the end of every race they got a sticker and a haribo sweet from the big tub (you can figure who they were all running towards!)

I am literally glued to my phone taking pictures of everything these days.. So naturally, whilst the other kids are in a race, I took pictures of my little men! :)

Very impressed with receiving stickers after ever race!

Noah enjoyed laying in his pram the whole time, very contently!

Then obviously at the end of every good Sports Day there's a Parents Race!
Chris happily volunteered himself for the race, so I was left taking pictures of him - he came one but last.. Freddie clearly didn't get his winning streak from him! (haha)
But Chris said that he's made for "comfort, not speed.." < Whatever gets you through, eh? ;)

After all the fun and games, all the kids went up and received their medal and certificate for participating! (Chris even got a medal for being in the Parents Race!)

The Champion!
Gutted that this one turned out a bit blurry!

Oh and it's not complete without a Sports Day "Selfie"

So to sum it up, we had a glorious morning out together. 
Freddie won the Egg and Spoon Race and the Beanbag on your head Race.
I am one proud Mummy and I really enjoyed my first Sports Day as a Mummy to one perfect little man!

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