Diet: Week 8 & 9

Hi there!
I'm so sorry for the lack of posting about my Diet recently, but I've just been feeling so down about it. Last week I start my lady issues (yeah you know what I'm talking about and no, I didn't really want to share it with you, but how can I explain stuff without mentioning it?) and it really put me down.
For a start it made me so hungry, ALL THE TIME. It was seriously ridiculous, it was almost like I was pregnant all over again.. (don't worry, I'm not!) and this annoyed me so much! I was convinced I was going to put all my weight loss back on and luckily I hadn't. It also prevented me from working out as much as I wanted and this seriously put me in a bad mood. "How am I suppose to lose weight when I can't exercise?!" and even when I did, it just didn't feel like I had put that much effort into it. It basically was a miserable week for my plans of weight loss.

I did however eat healthily! I tried so much to stick to my usual routine of food and well, I actually did quite well (I probably over did it with the portions). I had to put all my food on side plates, because I simply couldn't contain myself. Honestly, I make myself sound so bad, but here is my place to be honest and I can't lose this weight without writing ranting about it.
I am now in Week 9 and I have moved on from that and yesterday I weighed myself (didn't do it Week 8 as it would be a false reading) and my scales were all over the place.. Yeah as, if things couldn't get any worse Diet-wise! I was weighing everything between 14st 9lbs - 14st 12lbs..?!?!!! Erm, so I don't actually know what I am. I got on the first time and it said 14st 9lbs and I was like YAY! I have lost a stone and at pre-pregnancy weight.. only to "just make sure" and it jumped to 14st 11lbs.. then thinking "huh, that can't be right?" and then I was 14st 10lbs, 14st 12lbs etc etc. So I gave up and felt like I wanted to cry. (Dramatic I know!)
I really wish this journey was easier than this, but its not easy at all. It does take over your mind at times and it can be hugely frustrating, plodding on day by day and feeling like you're getting nowhere. But, I will get there.. I have to. I'm not ready to give up yet. I want to get rid of it all and feel happier with myself, because currently I'm anything but.

Anyway off the doom and gloom.. I have been buying/trying some new stuff out..

I had a massive fancy for pancakes the other day - Don't worry these are healthy pancakes!
I have to thank my friend Gemma for giving me the recipe for these. They were so yummy and I think I actually prefer them to regular pancakes! I Shall definitely be trying them again.

The recipe is:
1/4 cup oats
2 eggs
1/2 mashed banana

Whisk them all up together and go! I couldn't believe that the taste came from these ingredients. I got 3 out of this mix. I was skeptical, but they worked really well and I shall be making them regularly!
I decorated with slices of pineapple, a apple, kiwi, and chopped nuts.

I made this when I was so hungry. I made sure there was a lot of protein and fiber in there to fill me up for a while.
Brown Rice with Peppers, Onions and Peas. 2 boiled eggs on bed of Spinach and 2 rolled up slices of Turkey. I was so stuffed after eating this meal. I felt really happy afterwards as it all was completely healthy and it tasted amazing!

I found these bars in the supermarket on Saturday and read the ingredients and thought that they sounded decent! Flaxseed has become increasingly popular in the fitness world - so I've been giving it a go and going to try and add it to my Diet! (Maybe put some in my pancakes next time!)

I made an Omelette this week and it was so lovely! I really enjoyed it.
I haven't made an Omelette in ages, so being able to find the time to whisk something up (I've got a thing for eggs at the moment) was very worthwhile. As I was really hungry, I added loads of Salad!

So I had a bad Week last Week, but I've decided to put it behind me, and despite the fact I may or may not have lost weight, I did remain to eat well. That's half the battle won..

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