Bootea | Review & Results!

Many of you will know that I've been on a mission to lose weight. To lose my baby weight and... some more! Recently I have hit my first goal of losing a stone (and I've been celebrating ever since!) and it's made me more determined to hit my second goal.

I stumbled onto Bootea via Instagram. I follow lots of weightloss, fitness, health inspiration accounts and came across this brand whilst reading someone's view on this Teatox. I quickly read over it and the girl talked about how much better she felt and clearer her skin was because of it. I then read some reviews on others blogs and of course checked out their website too - it sounded simple - I wanted to know what the catch would be, but I couldn't seem to find one; apart from the voice from inside of my head saying "they may say all of this, but it's probably just rubbish and won't change anything". That voice was probably right, but I went ahead anyway! All I could think was "What have I got to lose..? Any result will be a result, and I could have a hell of a lot to gain!". So I did it, I purchased the 14 Day Teatox. (There is a 28 day Teatox)
I've never been particularly one to try and test out the new craze, but there was something about this one that caught my eye. I think it's because everything is so out in the open, the ingredients, the effects, the price, how to do it was all there for you to read and decide. There was no pressure to buy, and I liked this. 
Everyone had different outcomes to trying this product and every single one of them was a positive, some complained how it altered nothing, whilst some lost 10 lbs by simply adding this to their diet! I wanted to know what mine would be!

I ordered it 11am one day and it arrived the next morning (Unfortunately I was out of the house so I didn't see it until mid afternoon)! I was impressed it came so quickly, and simply couldn't wait to get started! I began the next morning. I took some "Before" pictures so that I could see if there were any differences to my body over the 14 days -I wasn't holding any hope. I completely grimaced at the images I took. I hated the pictures I saw, and it reminded why I was on this journey - to get rid of all the horrible things I dislike about myself. All the unnecessary fat that's sitting on my bones. I do find it hard to remind myself that this body has carried two beautiful and perfect little humans and for that it's pretty amazing! But it doesn't mean I like the results that, having my babies left behind! 

Bootea comes with 14 teabags in the Daytime Cleanse and 7 teabags for the Bedtime Cleanse. The Daytime one is to be taken every day as soon as you wake in the morning (or as soon as you can get round to it!) and the Bedtime Cleanse was to be taken every other night, starting with the first day. The packaging was very clear and came in a resealable packet!
The tea came in a muslin teabag and had a mixture of specially picked leaves to aid weightloss.

I'm used to drinking Green tea so getting used to the taste of Bootea wasn't that difficult. It had a particular taste, and smells like an infused tea. The Daytime one smelled a lot like lemongrass and was much nicer than the bedtime one that tasted strongly of peppermint. I'm not a massive fan of mint as it is, but I got used to the flavour and drank it without any troubles.
You were suggested to take the Bedtime Cleanse just before you go to bed as it effectively works 8 hours after consumption. It was to avoid interrupting your sleep essentially as the Bedtime Cleanse works on cleaning your digestive system, as it contains laxative. I have to say personally I had no issues of needing to go to the toilet in a hurry as it said it could cause (it is a detox after all!) but that is probably due to the fact I'm already eating healthily and exercising regularly so drinking this didn't cause much upset.

I found this tea so easy to fit into my diet and routine. I already was in the routine of having a mug of Green tea with my breakfast and in the evenings, so swapping it with Bootea was so simple! I have to say that I personally, felt much better internally for drinking this tea. My stomach didn't feel as bloated and I felt clean. I know that sounds like a weird thing to say or even try to explain, but I am used to having stomach cramps, gurglings, feeling a bit sick here and there.. but it stopped whilst doing the Teatox. Whether that was in my head or it was actually the effect of the tea itself, I felt happier about it.
Unlike many Detox's like juicing and meal replacements this was adding into your diet, so you didn't feel like you were restricted from anything. They recommended that you don't eat meat during the Teatox, but it was optional as was following their diet plan! They only asked that you watch what you eat!
I guess I didn't do as well as I had hoped during this Teatox as I ate out a lot, so some meals weren't the healthiest they could be and I missed a few workouts towards the end, but I felt the results internally. So had I not been out etc.. the results could've been much bigger and better! (I'm tempted to start again!)

Ok, so did I lose any weight? Well, I was 14st 11lbs when I started and at the end I was 14st 12lbs (doesn't help that lady troubles was about to start!) so it probably wasn't that much of an accurate reading! But I did lose 1/2 inch from my waist, much to my surprise!
So here are the pictures...

 So there you are. Pictures of my body with flesh. Ugh.
But, I do notice a bit of a difference myself. My love handles have practically gone and my "back fat" - yeah, I cringed too! is a lot more smoothed out and my friend said my arms look slimmer!
There is a difference however small it is, and its there for you all to see. (Don't leave any discouraging comments as I feel hideous enough as it is haha!)
It shows that you can make a bit of a difference to yourself in as little as two weeks! If I can, you as sure can! I really wish I could just be rid of my wobbly, ugly, stretch marked, apple-shapped, mummy belly! (I can dream on..)

I think that this product was great for the money (£19.99 for 14 Day Teatox & currently £34.99 for 28 Day Teatox (excludes P&P)). It delivered quickly, was easy to add into your routine, tasted reasonable and the results are good! I would totally recommend giving it a go :)
Check Bootea out here. And if there's any questions feel free to comment at the end of this post (on the blog not via bloglovin') or email me on

(This is a personal review. I've not been paid by Bootea or anyone else to do this review and all thoughts are 100% my own.)


  1. Wow well done you!
    I think it's about time I start to lose my baby weight now, it's been nearly 5 months!

    Amy @

    1. Thank you! :)
      Aww, I'm sure you've not got much to lose! Hope it goes well for you :) x