1:1 time with Freddie

Hi Everyone!
So it feels like I've been doing a lot of routine posts (Diet & Photo of the Week) and not been sharing much of our lives with you all.

Since having both of my boys with me day in and day out, it has made it difficult to find some proper 1:1 time, especially with Freddie. I have time with Noah when he's having a feed and during the evenings, but I always feel like I need to do more with Freddie on his own. Thursday was the perfect time.
We got our new Washing Machine fitted in and he was very excited with the new gadget in the house (it does seem to be quite a swanky washer!) so he helped with putting a wash on; getting clothes out of the basket and in the machine, finding the powder and clicking all the new buttons - the one trouble I have is that the 'buttons' are touch sensitive whilst setting it up, so toddler fingers need to be watched during this time.

After putting the wash on we decided that we really needed to do the cakes for Sports Day which was meant to be on, on Friday. I brought some Peppa Pig cakes when we went shopping the previous Saturday and Freddie got over excited at the thought of making cakes for all his friends at nursery.

All through making the cakes, Freddie insisted that he did the whole thing himself. I had very little say in what happened, other than telling him what to do, step by step. I'm so glad that these already put together kits are so easy to do!
It was so hard to let him go ahead and do it "all", especially when he got to the stage of needing to spoon the mixture into the cases.. Yeah, you can only imagine how that went! *haha* but he did a reasonable job and well he really loved every moment of it. He kept looking in the oven and jumping for joy at what he made.
I really love that about Freddie and kids in general, they genuinely love any activity that means you just simply talk and do something with them. He kept saying all the way through "Thank you Mummy, I really love this" and it was so heart warming to think that this was making his day! It honestly made mine :)

 He kept trying to eat the icing as it looked like Chocolate, and whilst it was chocolate icing sugar, I kept trying to tell him it's supposed to go on the cakes, not in his mouth.. He found it hilarious I kept squealing "nooo don't do that!" whilst guiding the spoon away from his mouth.

Waiting for the cakes to cool down, Freddie helped me put the washing out on the line. He's such a handy little helper! I suppose I should take advantage of all the help he wants to offer.. Somehow I can't see that he'll be enthusiastic when he's 15!
Icing the cakes was easier as he wanted to put the sugar pieces on and allowed me to do the muddy puddles! Woo!

They looked very impressive! He was so proud of himself for making all of these cakes and couldn't wait to take them as refreshments at Sports Day. Such a shame it got cancelled.. Was looking forward to taking part in the Parents Obstacle Race ;) 
It's been rescheduled to this Friday - I really hope the weather stays nice! I guess we're just going to have to make some more...

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